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Hiya, Zombie!!
Started by Undead666 4 months ago

Okay, this may sound very stupid or something to a LOT of people, and to you, Rob. But how many times in a lifetime do ya get to ask something like this? Okay, so here it goes.. : will you be willing to be kinda like my big brother? I know, stupid right? Well, I never had a big brother before (I am forever stuck with a bitchy older sis), and at concerts, you are soo fucking hilarious!! I NEVER got to laugh when I was younger: my sister and mom were too stuck to their boyfriends & girly shit , while I'm a tomboy (have NO idea how the fuck I came to be that way). So I always wanted a big brother... can you answer this please?? I have never been as serious... besides this one time I shot a bottle rocket up a dudes ass cuz he pissed me off .... but I am now Seriously serious... I don't get on here much, so can you just message me on Facebook if you're bored enough to read this?

Buttrrcup Batt
Posts: 3
Undead666 replied 4 months ago...

P.s. haha XD I had to draw a baby serial killer invitation for a bday party, and id figure Michael would seek to your interest...even though Leatherface its about to eat his hand ....

Buttrrcup Batt

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