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The Lords of Salem/Three Mothers Trilogy???
Started by JRP 5 months ago

Hello Rob. The Lords of Salem is a masterpiece of horror cinema. It is visually stunning, the acting is superb, the soundtrack is bold, and best of all the story you weaved with this film is terrifying. For me personally your film is right up there up there with the greats of atmospheric horror like Argento's Suspiria, and Robin Hardy's The Wicker Man. The novel was fantastic as well and gave me nighmares before your film was released. I am a musician and visual artist and your work has inspired me. I've created a soundscape track as an homage to The Lords of Salem. I call it "Salem Sleeps" and have attached it to this post for you along with a very special Witch mask that is part of my collection.... My question to you Sir is this: Is there any chance that The Lords of Salem will be the first film of a Trilogy along similar lines of Argento's "Three Mothers Trilogy"?

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The Professor MiloVonnegut replied 5 months ago...

The Lords of Salem Trilogy? I can see that being more of a series of themetic films  than a series of actual sequels to each other. Kind of the like The Wicker Man trilogy - The Wicker Man (1973), The Wicker Tree (2011), and Twilight of the Gods (2015) - in which those films are not sequels to one another, but are connected by theme. But I suppose The Three Mothers trilogy was like that too.

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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 5 months ago...

I haven't heard of Twilight of the Gods yet, but of course I have seen The Wicker Man and The Wicker Tree. I have only seen Suspira and The Mother of Tears from the 3 Mothers Trilogy..It has been awhile since I have seen Suspira, and I don't remember it very well..I should probably rewatch it..
 But, if there were any sequels or prequels to The Lords of Salem, I would love it.  

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JRP replied 5 months ago...

I agree that a trilogy connected by theme and not nescessarily sequels would be very interesting indeed. But on the other hand, a prequel set in 1690's Salem that focuses on Margaret Morgan and her coven would also peak my interest. To take things even further, an Anthology type of cable series that focused on witchcraft or more specifically the town of Salem Massachussetts would be must watch TV. Rob Zombie as a Horrorhost! The possibilities are endless. Either way, you better believe that the man will cook up something brilliant for his next project. Maybe it's best that we don't know?-- Pleasant nightmares! {#emotions_dlg.skull}{#emotions_dlg.skull}{#emotions_dlg.skull}


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