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The Lords of Salem RPG...?
Started by slayrre7 7 months ago

Greetings...great website....!!!

I'm a big fan of Rob's movies and recognize f'n genius when I see it. Having said that, I think The Lords of Salem is his best work to date and definately should be an instant cult flick. As it so happens, Rob latest movie happens to coincide with a role playing game I just completed (mechanics, artwork, editing, testing, etc) that fits into the whole "The Lords of Salem" genre. Would Rob be interested in coming together and seeing if we can expand the movie into the RPG I just completed? I think fans of Rob and the movie would love to "play out" the storyline Rob started... and it would be the first in a long line of gaming books (possibly video games, comics, etc) that would feature all the darkness and conspiracy imaginative minds can come up with.   

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 7 months ago...

I'd love to see this happen!  Any of Rob's films would make great games if done right.  I'd hate for it to turn out like that god awful Evil Dead game for the first playstation that came out in like 2001....  but if it could be really good...maybe like the recent The Last Of Us or something, that would be sweet!

I think The Devil's Rejects would make a pretty wicked game as well!  Maybe have it done kind of old school like Streets Of Rage. but with updated graphics.  Or almost similar to Grand Theft Auto 70s style.  Playable characters being Spaulding, Baby, or Otis....I could see it being a really nasty game for people 18 and up.  You could go around killing people and running from the cops, and when the heat gets too hot, go take a little vacation at Charlies and increase your health bar by snorting coke and sleeping with hookers.  I'd play that!  

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slayrre7 replied 7 months ago...

You would love the game! Btw... no debate here... Evil Dead for the PS bombed out... really bad. I'm with you on the Devil's Rejects (knocked into second place on my fav Rob movie list now that The Lords of Salem has come out). The thing is... it would be easy to wrap the gaming system I created to combine Devil's Rejects and The Lords of Salem... since you are dealing with horror, violence, sex... with intelligent f'n purpose! That combo works everytime.

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