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Lords of Salem -plot climax-
Started by adforester 7 months ago


I enjoyed Lords of Salem tremendously and have been studying the film, especially the climax when sheri goes to the bright room where there is a fellow with a crown

and kings clothing standing on a high alter type stage.

I too had a similiar experience when I first met my spirit guide outlined below

She had me follow her through the dark leading me with a candle and a string which I kept my hand on. We went into some water in a cave and came up through the water seeing a bright bright light. There we came out of the water the light so bright I had to squint. On the stone alter/stage in front of us was a man wearing kings clothing and crown and was extremely powerfull, so powerfull it was extremely scary and I thought he was a demon. It scared me so much, he didn't look scary, he just seemed so powerfull. Amore (my guide) next to me told me to stay which was weird because usually she is so light about things. She stayed and bowed to this man. I did the same and he placed his hand on us saying "protector of light" 5 or 6 times. We both then stood up after he said things I can't remember

Anyways I thought it would be nice to see what others thought and maybe rob himself or sheri think the plot climax represents and what is happening to the main character as it may shed light to my life changing vision I had that was similiar to the movie. I live about 20 minutes from Salem,MA BTW.

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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 7 months ago...

Very interesting.

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