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dear rob
Started by zodiac 9 months ago

Dear rob I was nine when I first heard the hellbilly deluxe and instantly fell in love with your music I have been a zombie head since i am an aspiring musician  and I have mad respect for you and am currently working on my own songs and in order to give you the mad respect you deserve I would like to incorperate the call of the zombie into one of my songs and I want your permission to do so because you are my hero your music has been there for me when I had no one else that I could rely on and I would never do this without your permission my father was not a big part of my life until I turned 18 and it would mean a lot to me to get permission to do this I hope to hear from you soon but as a preview I plan to call my song zodiacs call thanks for your time sincerely your fan zodiac

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 9 months ago...

Good luck making your own music.  I'm also a musician and would like to give you a little piece of advice.  First off, I'd encourage you to just make your own songs.  "Call of the Zombie" is already a song.  Try to find some inspiration to do original things, especially as it would be more meaningful if you wanted to pay tribute to your favorite bands.  Rob's heard his own songs before.  But I'm sure it would be more appreciated if you wrote something specifically for him or whatever it is you wanted to do with the piece.

BUT, if you absolutely feel you must use it for some reason, technically, you could get away with chopping together anything you want and it's perfectly legal.  You just can't sell it.  Dj's do it all the time.  Same thing with cover bands.   You could go and use whatever songs or clips you want live, or on some demo that you pass out to friends or whatever.  You just can't sell it.  But again, you'll gain much more respect if you stick to your own stuff.

I am not an attorney or anything, so check your local laws and all that.  

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zodiac replied 9 months ago...

I never thought of it that way thanks for the advice

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zodiac replied 9 months ago...

Mabey I can throw in an inspired by

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