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Started by bloodtrucksandbeer 10 months ago

So.... Do you think there could be an afterlife? 

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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 10 months ago...

I can't speak for Rob, but I think everyone should decide how to best answer than question themselves. Personally, I do believe in an afterlife ( although I don't believe there is only "Heaven" and "Hell:"), and I also believe in reincarnation and ghosts. 

Posts: 5
bloodtrucksandbeer replied 10 months ago...

It's funny....  I was "touched" by a vision back in April....   What is a "vision"?  Good question.  A vision fucks you up.  It turns everything that's black into white (and everything that's white into black).  

When I announced that I had a vision, ndobody believed me, but I swear to you all that it's true.  

Wanna hear something funny?  The most punk-rock "anti-establishment" thing you can say is "Jesus Christ."  

I'm serious.  If you think you're "punk rock," go into any "normal" hospital and say you had a conversation with "Jesus."  They'll lock you up.

Here's something funny:  If I said I saw a "ghost," people would probably believe me....   They would ask, "What did the 'ghost' look like?  Where did you see it?"  But I DIDN'T see a ghost.  I had a vision...  It was an AMERICAN vision.  The vision blended "The Civil War" with 9/11 shadows, and I saw Jesus.  Now....  PLEASE don't get all crazy when I say JESUS.  I'm NOT a Bible thumper.  I honestly didn't believe in Jesus until a few months ago.  I was some Holden Caulfield anti-establishment sort of guy, but then everything changed.  

I have to make this quick because I'm going to be locked up.  Today, if you say you saw JESUS ev eryone freaks out and tries to find some medication for you.  If you say you saw a ghost, everyone loves you.  But what if you saw JESUS????   What if I told you JESUS was the most PUNK ROCK, FUCK-YOU, ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT, MOTHER-FUCKER you'd ever met?  

What if I told you that I'm being sent away for who-knows-how-long?  I'm bummed because I bought a ticket to meet Rob Zombie in Mountain View.  That's not going to happen now.  My name is William Maples.  I am the SonoftheSonWho'saSonofaGun.  Maybe I am psychotic....  but maybe I'm not.

Posts: 1816
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 10 months ago...

What happened before you had the vision? What were you doing at the time? And, actually most people who believe they have experienced anything paranormal feel like people think they are crazy. Or at least all of the ones I have met feel that way. 

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