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Question about Resurrection Joe.
Started by masondaddy 11 months ago

I'm sure you'd probably prefer to answer questions about your more recent work, but I'll give this a try anyways.
I was listening to your song Ballad of Resurrection Joe and noticed that the newscasters at the begining soundbite 
sounded very similar to two anchors from a local news station near where I live. By any chance would you be able to confirm whether or not they are from WCCO channel 4, and if so what was the reason you decided to use a soundbite from their newscast.

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 10 months ago...

All newscasters sound pretty much the same.  These people were the elite in their highschool speech classes.  They had personality, charisma, and a charm that made what they had to say sound interesting.  They had great public speaking ability.

Only to be untrained.  Taught to sound like a robotic drone lulling the audience to sleep.  They can't have any personality while giving the news.  They have to stay 100% neutral and expressionless in hopes to remain politically correct by the companies. Lose all the passion, and all the love for what they do.  They become part of the corporate system.  It's rather sad.  A once great public speaker, who spoke with such an art, now sounds like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.



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