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Questions about Lords of Salem and Venomous Rat Regeneration Ven
Started by Unholy M Tragedy666 1 year ago

Firstly, congrats on the new film and album!  I think it's one of your best albums ever if not The best....I wouldn't mind hearing the whole damn thing live in it's entirety!  And Lords of Salem was absolutely fantastic!  I just got out of the theater a few hours ago and will be making another trip tomorrow with a different set of friends.

I've got a few questions.  Even before you mentioned in some recent interview that the new album was a concept album, I sort of thought that right when you released the lyrics to Dead City Radio.  I realize the importance of people having their own imagination and putting it to use, but I was hoping you could talk a little about the story running through the album.  Lyrics like "stay asleep and watch t.v..be happy"  and "you gotta gotta open your mind girl"   and "Sluggish Drones Assault My Radio...Grotesque Audio.." etc...and then other lyrics in Dead City Radio and just throughout the album I guess makes me feel like someone is being hypnotized.   Like, is the line "We Listen....To The Radio....Dead Radio" is that sarcastic?  Like the mindless masses listening and fueling this blob of consumption and corruption...people supporting shitty music and oblivious to the stupidity, etc....  Is that on track with what you were thinking?  Or was it the opposite..  Such as you playing the role of a Charles Manson-like cult leader trying to "open the minds" of your followers?  Or maybe I'm way off.  How does the cover of "We're An American Band" fit into all of it?  I care about things like placement of songs and it's great how much thought you put into these things...how does it tie in to the story, and why that particular cover?  Did it just capture what you were looking for lyrically?  (I'd love to hear you cover a Dr Hook song....any chance of a Freakin at the Freakers Ball or Cover of the Rolling Stone cover?  lol it would be pretty sweet)

In some weird way I feel like the album is just slightly connected to Lords of Salem.  It's trippy and psychedelic and seems to subconsciously touch on some of the same themes.  To further the irony (admittedly perhaps in my own head)  it's interesting you are releasing a vinyl of Dead City Radio with the reverse groove.  If I'm not mistaken, didn't the turntable needle rapidly move toward the center of the record upon first play in Lords of Salem?  Anyway, I think it's cool whether on purpose or not!

Lastly, and  ::::::::: SPOILER ALERT :::::::::::::::::   for those who haven't seen Lords of Salem yet

I'd love to know what you think really happened at the end.  It produced much conversation with those that I saw the film yet.  So many possibilities....  It seemed like every weird thing that happened before Heidi got back into drugs happened during nightmares (potentially)  Then, the stuff that happens while she's supposedly awake, it's after the fact that she has been on drugs.  Maybe none of it happened at all, and that it was one big hallucination?  Or it could have all been real and then...what?  Basically it was that she gave birth to the Anti-Christ?  And then one final possibility that we thought of at the moment was that it could have all been real in the sense that it may have been an actual fucked up cult like Heavens Gate or Jonestown, but that doesn't mean anything they believed really was true.  Maybe they all just committed suicide in vain...they could have thought they were conjuring up Satan, but maybe they were just some wacko's like those in any cult?  I wonder what your take or intention really was.  Maybe a combination of the three?  (I understand if you don't answer haha  Maybe it truly is best left to the imagination...but it would be cool to know)

And one other thing.... maybe no one cares about this kind of thing, but I feel like I'm always plagued by wondering how different certain movies would have turned out in the really obvious popularized cases like George Romero's Day of the Dead.  I love that movie, but it's been common knowledge that he ran out of money and considerably changed the ending.  With that in mind, does the book Lords of Salem truly represent what your vision would have been if you had the time and money to continue as planned?  I have to thank you for releasing that because we don't usually get that lucky to hear how things "would have been" in a lot of cases.  Of course you are proud of what you did create with Lords', and with good reason!  It was fucking phenomenal!!  But in some way, does it suck having not been able to do what you originally intended?  Who knows?  Maybe contraints force greater art to surface....

You leave so much room in Lords of Salem for sequel and/or prequel possibilities!  We'd love to see it.

Sorry for typing so much...I just had a lot of things I wanted to ask and didn't feel it was worth making 10 topics since the questions are all sort of related.  I hope it is coherent enough (it's very late here)  and also a really big THANK YOU for not only creating some amazing and beloved art, but also for introducing me to so much cool stuff from the 70s.  I may never have discovered a movie like Carny, and I might not be going to see Three Dog Night in concert in a couple days if it weren't for you.  Seriously, thank you for everything! 

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