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Rejected by the devil = purgatory (a sexless, awkward orgy of po
Started by Son of Satan 1 year ago

intlessness) Dear Rob. Why did you decide not to make a third halloween?

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Tiny horror2 replied 1 year ago...

Oh, wow. That thread title is really an attention grabber. Smile

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Captain Spauldin Emma replied 1 year ago...

Hello @Son of Satan

Rob did actually answer this a while back:


and here in an earlier "Ask Rob Zombie/Question of the Week": http://robzombie.com/2012/03/qotw-halloween-by-jason-frey/

hope that helps 

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Son of Satan replied 1 year ago...

very well. allow me to reword. When asked if you were going to do another halloween you said "No." When asked why you said "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me." if the above links lead to the answer. what's so hard to believe?

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 1 year ago...

Well, this wasn't misleading at all.

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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

LOL..I thought this thread was going to be much more exciting..LOL

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Son of Satan replied 11 months ago...

Alright well let's see what we can do about that.

(Explanation of what I do)


The Book of Whole Brain Revelations


Casey 1:0


We see a reporter and Casey setting up for an interview.


Reporter: “Do you fear that telling this story signifies the end of the world?”


Casey: “Whether we tell this story or not the end will come. The patterns created by the story of Jesus took thousands of years to play out. We still have a lot of time left on earth. I think the thing we need to focus on now is not being afraid. The point of the book of revelations is this. Even if the world ends, everything will be fine. I believe if we choose to ignore this story any longer we’ll simply be making things more difficult for our race.”


Reporter: “What about other whole brain thinkers who can convince people they are the second coming? Don’t you think this means it’s not real?”


Casey: “Nature works in clusters. I believe we’ve all been given this ability for a purpose. Nature wants this story to be told eventually. From within any cluster one will rise with a different and usually superior purpose to all the others. Also the earth is among a cluster of planets within our galaxy. This story will begin the patterns which lead to an oceanic existence for our race. I believe that if we decide not to tell this story we will be choosing to remain on this planet until it freezes and we all die. On one of the planets within our galaxy the human race will rise to explore the universe. The question is, will that be us? Teaching whole brain thinking may be the only way to choose our destiny. I’d like to stress that I believe the poles will shift long before the land is completely gone. This will still be a long natural process just like everything else we’ve seen. I think we’re hearing this story at this time so we can prepare for the end of land on this planet. The truth has to be heard sooner rather than later so we can begin those preparations with enough time. We can only sweep the end of the world under a rug for so long. The longer we wait, the harder things will be.”


Fade black


Narrator: “The story you’re about to see is my life story with an embellished ending. I believe these stories have to be written this way. They’re educational and entertaining, creative and logical at the same time. This is how bible tales are told.”






































(Example of how I do it)


This is a scene from the story where I’ve caught a child molester. I have him on the lawn and have advised my friend to go back into the house while I wait out here for the police.


Friend: “You’re not going to kill him are you?”


Casey: “No,”


We see Casey standing on the lawn as his friend re enters the house. Casey looks down at the father as he wakes up.


Casey: “In prison they’re going to rape you, they’re going to pass you around, and beat you until your dead. Unless you kill yourself before the trial like a lot of you faggot child perverts do. Either way you’re going to die soon, and when you do, you’ll go to hell. Me and my army of demons we’re going to rape you, we’re going to break your bones, rip your flesh, hang you from your own intestines, and you’re going to burn for all of eternity.”


Father: (Praying) “Please god, forgive me of my sins…”


Casey: “Don’t bother. Not even Jesus is naive enough to believe that you still don’t know any better. Let me tell you this in a way you might be more familiar with. Thou shall not beat women. Thou shall not molest children and thou shall not take sex without consent. You knew these things. You don’t need it all to be written down in a book neatly to know the difference between right and wrong. So now you’re going to burn and no amount of pressing your hands together and apologizing to thin air is going to do shit for you.”


Father: “Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?


Casey: “My name is Pablo Grofeo and I’m the son of Satan. Up until today you’ve only met people who might be able to forgive you. You’ve met warm blooded, humane individuals who might look at your past and feel bad for you in some small way. There’s no forgiveness in me. There’s nothing but darkness in my soul and cold black greace that courses through my veins.”


Father: “God will protect me. I’ll pray every night when I’m in prison. (Presses his hands together) Father please vanquishes this evil.”


Casey: (Laughing) “You fucking people. You think god is going to protect you from me. I’m here to punish you at the behest of God. You think I could run around here, a demon, doing whatever I want if it wasn’t within the will of god? You fucking idiot. There’s no more a war between heaven and hell than there is between Washington and the prison system. The whole point of the story about a war between good and evil was to hint at you fucks about positive and negative energy fighting each other while working together. Leave it up to a fucking meat sack to miss that shit. Let me tell you how it really went down.


          My father had a disagreement with your father. You see back then the angels in heaven were waiting for the human race to be created. They were trained to look out for you, guide you, and make sure you made the right decisions. My father didn’t understand why they had to do this. He was frustrated with god for giving all his love to you so he argued with him. What god explained to my father is this. Sometimes when one child is more mature than the other children they feel like those children are receiving more attention than them. The parents are only looking out for the other children more because they have to. So there it is. God felt he had to look out for you more than the angels because you’re little fucking brats. That was the point of that part of the story.”


Father: “If all of this is true, why didn’t we figure it out before?”


Casey: “You’re too fuckin stupid. Now stop interrupting. Now god, like most open minded intellectuals, enjoys a good challenge. To him my father stuck out among the other angels. He was the smartest, the whole brain thinker, they called him the morning star. His name became more negative as you ass holes did. So God promoted him. He gave my father control over an entire realm, made him a god and let him punish you for your sins. We don’t influence the things you do. There’s no supernatural excuse for your bullshit. We’re just your detention center. We’re all on the same side. Angels and demons. Good cop, bad cop.”


At this moment a police cruiser pulls up in front of the house. Casey notices this and turns to look.


Casey: “Speak of the devil.” (Turns to the father and winks)





(How I believe it may have been done in the past)


I believe the tale of Jesus was his life story with an embellished ending. I think the sacrifice and the cross was just him working his ass off as a carpenter. He was the first man to make it to the top using the self-sacrifice method and the world’s first rich guy. When trying to do something like that, most men feel tortured psychologically. It’s extremely taxing on the soul sort of speak. Once their able to give people jobs and create something for others around them they develop a god complex. I’ve experienced similar emotions and dumped them out into this story. I believe the bible can all be explainable through psychology. My theory is that it was early attempts at venting and teaching others with the stories of their mistakes and triumphs. These stories would have been written by whole brain thinkers throughout history.
























































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