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Discography feature request
Started by hajicasebolt 1 year ago

Hey Rob and Emma,

In the discography section do you think we could get a feature that lists the sources of the clips Rob uses in some of his tracks? maybe listed by each song? I've looked up a few of these movies and found some real gems!

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 1 year ago...

This would be great!  There is already a thread or two with some of them, although not as extensive as one would like.

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Captain Spauldin Emma replied 1 year ago...

Just so I understand this, is this a section on the discography for each album, and you want the samples put in, or would that be a section on the forum to discuss what you've found with your own research?  Sorry just want to be clear.  Thank you.

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 1 year ago...

It sounds like he wants a place in discography that once and for all reveals where all the samples and such came from.  A nearly impossible task without Rob Zombie himself.  Most of them are not credited within album liner notes.  It's a cool idea, but we probably shouldn't expect Emma to really do this.

I often wonder how Rob got away with some of them because they are not credited.  Not to get anyone in trouble, but I wonder if he snuck a few in without permission, or if they were all paid for, and if so, perhaps you don't have to actually credit it.  So long if it is bought and paid for, maybe it doesn't matter whether you list it or not. 


and for some people, it might even take the fun out of it to find out where some of these are from.  Maybe it's some of those secret gems that if you discover it, you discover it, and if you don't ya don't.   There are a lot that have been discovered, but there are a lot more left to be found.

I may have personally ruined someone's experience of a couple songs by pointing out some of them.  They had told me that it sort of changed their perception and imagination of the song.  That being said, I don't believe protecting people from information.  But there is, as I said, already at least one thread dedicated to this.

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