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Live on DVD
Started by The Ultimate Package 1 year ago

Just wondering if we are ever gonna get a 'Rob Zombie live in concert' DVD release anytime soon.With fans world wide,not everyone can get to see the man himself in concert.So a live dvd would be the next best thing.

Posts: 420
Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 1 year ago...

I've been waiting for this since I became a fan in roughly 2000.  I would have even been happy with a longer cut of that Mtv special of the Merry Mayhem Tour 2001.

I know there was some talk of a live dvd during the Educated Horses tour to coincide with the live album.  Not sure what happened with this.  But there has been some AMAZING tours in the past few years that blew those shows out of the water.  I wish there were a Twins of Evil or Gruesome Twosome dvd.  Those shows and setlists were great!

I'm sure it's on his to-do list and he'll get to it eventually.  He's been super busy lately with other projects.

If he's watching, he knows it's something that we want! 

Posts: 122
Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie replied 1 year ago...

that is a GREAT QUESTION!!!!!!!! i would LOVE to have rob live in DVD!!!!! i hope you consider this, rob!!!! for some of us is REALLY HARD to go see you in concert .. so to have you at home in DVD would be FUCKING SWEET!!!!!!

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