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A few house rules
Started by Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly 3 years ago

These guidelines are for all sections of the site including news comments, the forum, individual profile pages, group pages and forums and image comments: By signing up with the Official Rob Zombie site, you agree to abide by the following post rules and guidelines.

We are aware that there are members of many ages here. You are asked to respect the opinions of others and not attack a person for expressing their views. Name calling, personal attacks and harassment of any kind are not tolerated. If you feel you are being bullied on the site, please come straight to the site admin.

We reserve the right to remove any content which we feel does not benefit the forum and it's members and we reserve the right to remove/suspend or ban members who do not act in accordance with these rules.

Behaviour which is not acceptable:

  • Flaming, which includes the use of racial, religious or ethnic slurs, sexually discriminative or homophobic language, derogatory labelling. 
  • Posting of pornographic or otherwise inappropriate, offensive or obscene images. 
  • Posting of illegally obtained music. 
  • Anyone’s private information, member or not. 
  • Spamming. 
  • Threats of any kind. 
  • Trolling. 
  • Using the site solely to advertise your product unless with the express permission of the site web manager. 
  • Impersonation of Rob Zombie or any musicians, friends, family affiliated with him. 

Post Safety
Please be safe on the site. If you feel you have been approached in a manner that makes you uncomfortable – including by Private Message, please contact us.

Here are a few tips to make sure your time on the board is a fun, pleasant experience.

  • Don't post your own personal information in the interest of safety. 
  • You should not post your address, telephone number, or anything that might put you at risk. 
  • The official Rob Zombie site and it's staff are not responsible for monitoring this information, nor liable for any consequences that may result from the exchange of this information. 

Board Etiqutte:

  • Make sure your thread has not already been posted. 
  • Duplicate threads will be locked. 
  • If a thread has been locked please do not start a new one of the same topic.  It will be closed.  Threads are rarely closed and when they are it is for good reason. Staff will always leave a reason why.  Please respect that decision.
  • Please make every attempt to post in the correct forum. 
  • UPPER CASE letters are shouting. Unless it is something urgent, please use lower case letters when adding new discussions. 
  • The moderators on this forum only speak English – therefore please can all posts be made in English. 
  • Always provide the proper link when posting articles so that credit is given to it's proper source. That being said, please also do not post rumors. If you post something that does not have a credible source and staff can not verify it will be removed. 
  • Please also remember anything that is posted about Rob Zombie, his family or friends and those he works with, that is seen to be of malicious content, will be removed and the user will be banned. 

Above all we want you to enjoy yourself and will try to keep a hands off approach to the site unless action is warranted. Thank you

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