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Queens of the Stone Age ...Like Clockwork review.
Started by Tiny Sandoz 1 year ago

From http://www.sandozdesigns.com/blog/

I have been addicted to this album ever since first listening to it.  As a notorious Queens fan it’s safe to say this has tickled me as much as Songs for the Deaf did.  It’s definitely a different album, a departure from the punk-like Era Vulgaris.  It’s short, I really do wish it was longer but it’s both experimental and very 1970′s like, which is of course a big plus for me.

…Like Clockwork starts out with the slow dirty groove of “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” which sounds both forlorn and powerful.  It speeds up with “I Sat By the Ocean” which is a good rocker about trying to forget an ex.  It is catchy in typical QOTSA fashion, with a breakdown you can’t help but clap and dance to.  Then there is the trippy “Vampyre of Time and Memory” with swirling piano and keyboards and lyrics of loneliness and dejection.  This song has 1970′s written all over it.  ”If I Had a Tail” is more up-tempo with some strange wording, such as “In the land of the free lobotomy” and “I wanna suck, I wanna lick, I wanna cry, I wanna spit.” I did enjoy bopping to this one.  Next up is the more radio-friendly “My God is the Sun” with lots of layered guitars and a repeating Nick Oliveri bassline.  ”Kalopsia” is another strange one, a slow, dirgelike number with a more keyboard-driven sound, that is until it slams into drums and guitars.  ”Fairweather Friends” is a good guitar-heavy number and is pretty self-explanatory.  We’ve all had those so-called ‘friends’ who leave at the drop of a hat and can never be counted on.  ”Smooth Sailing” is probably my favorite track on the album, full of guitars and funk and rather reminscent of Eagles of Death Metal, which Josh Homme does play in with his friend Jesse Hughes.  This song also has some Homme innuendoes such as “I’ll make a mountain out of a molehill if the molehill is mine” and “I’ll blow my load all over the status quo, here we go” and I honestly can’t stop listening to this song.  ”I Appear Missing” is a slower number with complex guitar work and keyboards.  It’s laid back and has some good harmonies.  My least favorite song is “…Like Clockwork”.  With mostly just piano and Homme’s voice, with the rest of the band joining in later on, to me it ends the album on a downer.  I applaud him for trying something new but this one didn’t grab me the way the others did.

This album for me is what modern rock and roll is and should be, brash, adventurous, yet still rooted in big fat guitars and singable melodies.  I have been a massive QOTSA fan since Rated R and I don’t see myself stopping in the foreseeable future.  The only problems I can find with this album was the weak last track and the feeling that they could’ve rocked out a bit more.  It sort of seemed they were holding back at times, but this is truly the album to get if you like rock music.

It’s like cocaine for the ears. Lol.


Let the Music be your master, will you heed the Master\\\'s call? http://www.sandozdesigns.com
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