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If i should start my music journey at my age????
Started by zombieagogo420 2 years ago
I am just curious to all who can answer and Mr.Zombie of course I'm 33 now and have had music in my blood since i was young it's my passion.I still think back to pulling out my parents led zepplin lp's and dr.hook and listening to them I can sing i know this but my guitar skills and drums is not good!!I just wanna know if i should still try to reach out and start a band at my age I dj now but want to be in the band scene so plzz any help would be great!!!!!!

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The Professor Belialith replied 2 years ago...

Well.....starting is one thing. Doing is another. Have you ever done this before? Other than DJing? DJ's are musicians these days. They have the music in them. Would they not have the courage to use other's music and delightfully enjoy themselves, manipulating it into new sounds...they would not be heard around. You must have voice. Without it, you I find, are nothing. Don't take it personally. You ought to know how much criticizm goes around to keep you down. And only one whose heart is thoroughly there, will make it through the hardships. Do you think/feel you have what it takes? Then go for it when you do. Even when you do not think/feel you have what it takes, there still is a place for you. DJ's are the best. They deliver to us, what we want and need. Give it to me.....that funk that ....Uh! Give it to me Give me that stuff, that funk, that sweet, that funky stuff (say what?) Give it to me (Did I over do it agin?)

Posts: 79
The Professor Belialith replied 2 years ago...

You're already on a music journey.

Posts: 612
Unholy Lord of Salem replied 2 years ago...

Nailed it.

Come for the chicken-run blast-o-rama, stay for the werewolf women!

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J ZOMBIE replied 2 years ago...

I've been fighting with the same urge for awhile now too. I actually was working on a band years ago, but we all fell apart. Honestly, I don't think age matters. I'd love to get back into it all again myself. Maybe you'll make it, maybe you won't. Ultimately, there's only one way to find out.


Posts: 2090
Dr Satan Draghoul replied 2 years ago...

Don't give up keep at it. I've been in several bands and good band mates are hard to come by. For the past few years I haven't done anything with my musical aspects. I've still got all my lyrical material. and equipment I plan on putting it to good use again.

The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh ~ Silent Hill

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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 2 years ago...

I think if you really, really, want to do it..Go for it. Who knows, you could find some talented people who would be interested in forming a band with you..But you never know unless you try.

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Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

There is no too old when it comes to doing what you love. I deeply respect Roger Waters of Pink Floyd to continue on with The Wall. Ozzy. All the greats. Do it till ya die. George Carlin was what...71 when he passed away? He was still touring. I think he got better and better with each tour. Making a living off of it is another thing...and one that is a very hard thing to accomplish. But nothing should ever stand in the way of your dream, interest, talent, hobby, etc...

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