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Posts: 46
Started by Tiny Milo Vonnegut 1 year ago

I hope I'm not the only one, but I feel like this forum is dying. Anyone else feel it?

Posts: 118
Otis B. Driftwood Skatan replied 1 year ago...

i think so too...how come no one posts no mo

Posts: 865
Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly replied 1 year ago...

A forum works if people post to it, if people find a way to actively make the place work.  I know it's frustrating, but this is a community - you guys have to make it work.

of course I am always open to ideas you may have - and have over the time added areas, merged areas, etc, based on fan feedback.

All I can say is if you post it, they will come  

Clients: Rob Zombie, John 5, Piggy D see my work: http://www.facebook.com/1976designs

Posts: 743
Baby Firefly euphorious replied 1 year ago...

ive been so busy over the past months im trying to make a comeback lol

Posts: 46
Tiny Milo Vonnegut replied 1 year ago...

Sorry for the late response, but your probably right Emma.

Posts: 743
Baby Firefly euphorious replied 1 year ago...

Every forum is different, they all bring something different to the table for instant on the KoRn forum you get points for being social in the forums and blogs, tou get points for friend requests, ect. you can trade in your points for korn merch..... Fieldy has his own seperate site as well that you have to pay for but he does alot of giveaways for merch and free tickets to a show, Metallica' s site you have to pay for but you get a personalized letter from one of the band mates, a shirt, so what mag, autographed band photo, membership card, they do private shows spontanously for the members only, Provider module (Marilyn Manson) is probably the most similar to this forum although Provider Module just confuses the hell out of me i dont use that one much at all, the admins dont keep up on repeat threads. But you are ranked by the posts like here which i like cuz its kind of like competition to be at the top. 

Posts: 612
Unholy Lord of Salem replied 1 week ago...

This has always been a quiet place..

Come for the chicken-run blast-o-rama, stay for the werewolf women!

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