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If YOU were in charge of the world...
Started by Tiny Milo Vonnegut 1 year ago

... how would you run?



Me? How would I run the world?

Well, first of all, I would change the price of Apple merchandise, hardware, software, repairs, accessories, and etc.

Oh, and world peace.

Posts: 6
ACZombieUndertaker22 replied 1 year ago...

I will give whatever I am thinking at the moment for your forum you wanted to share with everyone. So, world peace I do agree with as one measure I would try to achieve. I could also encourage everyone how to be healthy and how to treat others as well as other living beings humanely including the environment. Corporations and banks among other institutions should be held in check with any suitable regulations, so the common people will not be cheated of their labor they put into anything they do. I would endorse a simple lifestyle to a certain extent. I do like the idea of universal healthcare; a single payer system. There should be fair trade between all the lands with low to no tariffs, so everyone has a free choice to be intriguied of what other peoples offer. The education system should be revolutionized and everyone has a chance to learn without worrying about not having access to whatever they need. I acknowledge the universe I could mold is utopia in a sense, but everyone should pursue close to the ideals of peace and anything else as much as possible even though at the same time, there could be flaws and contradictions. What I layed out are just examples of anything I like to see become improved and I am aware I sometimes go ahead of myself.


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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

I don't know if I want to be in charge of the whole world..Yeah, you'd get to change things so they would be the way you would want them..But, if people were not happy, or something went wrong, you would get the blame for it..Right now, I think that is way too much pressure.

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