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Atmospheric Horror
Started by Chicken Fucker Clevon JavaDon3 11 months ago

Many fans of LORDS OF SALEM have commented upon the atmosphere and sense of dread and forboding that the film successfully creates. This seemed to be the way many great horror films of the past were constructed(though there are some very good visceral- grab you by the throats horror films as well - in fact some films can combine those elements effectively).

Here's a chance for you to share with others some of your favorite "atmospheric" horror films....from the obscure to the well-known. Let everyone know if your selection(s) is available on Netflix or other streaming services....if someone makes a suggestion that you haven't seen - go out - find it, watch and give feedback.

I'll start the ball rolling with Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA. This was made in 1977 and is a classic of both atmosphere, visuals and out of nowhere gore effects.....pay close attention to the colors and surreal quality of this one. As far as I know, it's only available on Blu-Ray and DVD. I bought it recently but your library may be a great resource as well.......


Surely you can't be serious? I am serious, and don't calll me "Shirley."
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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 11 months ago...

Rosemary's Baby probably would fall under this category..And it is on Netflix right now.

Posts: 305
Chicken Fucker Clevon JavaDon3 replied 11 months ago...

I think you're spot on.......Rosemary's Baby is like the prototype for atmospheric horror......in fact like The Shining, its one of those films that gets better with each viewing. I sense that LOS will become one of those too..........

Surely you can't be serious? I am serious, and don't calll me "Shirley."

Posts: 300
Chicken Fucker Clevon BleedingKittie replied 10 months ago...

i fell in love with Suspiria long ago and it fed my curiousity about witches. I loved the vibrant colors and the atmosphere especially with the climax ending. I can watch it any time and still keeps my full attention. Roesmary's Baby and Shining are also very good 

The movie i am about to say is also one that has an unforgettable vibe and dreamlike state where you aren't exactly sure if the main character was insane but in the end he was portrayed as a hero. Taxi Driver even though it's not considered a horror movie it's a film that stays with you and there is none else like it. From the beginning you are introduced to the Robert De Niro character you have a strong sense of dread or doom that is going to befall this man or himself cause harm to someone he see's as scum. I will never forget the first time I watched it as a teenager and was just blown away . Fucking epic

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Posts: 305
Chicken Fucker Clevon JavaDon3 replied 10 months ago...

TAXI DRIVER has grown on me quite a bit over the years. The first time I saw it was in the early 80's on network television and between the commercials and the edited for tv format, I was less than  impressed and yet I still felt as if I had seen something worth revisiting........after countless views on cable, VHS and dvd, I too realized this was a masterpiece. A little over a year ago I had a chance to see it on the big sreen as AMC Theaters brought it back for one night only and how awesome it was to see it restored and on the big screen as it was meant to be seen..........

Another classic of atmosphere is the original version of CARNIVAL OF SOULS from 1962...shot in a wonderful shadowy black and white......

Surely you can't be serious? I am serious, and don't calll me "Shirley."

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