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Dumbass fans
Started by Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 2 years ago

This is in the "general" category because it applies to every band/artist ever.  This is a pissed off hate post by me.  Feel free to add to the hate.  This particular one is about some of us---Zombie fans.  Not all fans.  Just the dumbasses.  I'll go back and speak my hatred for some Slayer fans, Manson fans, Lady Gaga fans, and other shit later.  But...let's discuss the stupidity!

So, apparently some dumbasses were giving Zombie shit about his “smoking crack” story? Whether it was real or fake, who cares? Why does everyone have something stuck up there ass? I’m waiting for the legalization of ALL drugs. And I am not a drug user. I just think people should do whatever they please. This is not the first time Rob has gotten shit for something he’s said. He’s gotten shit for speaking about his vegetarianism. He’s gotten shit about his atheism. Now he’s getting shit about potential drug use in the past. This is fucking ROB ZOMBIE we are talking about. Since when did his fans become such politically correct pussies? No wonder he’s vague in interviews and doesn’t like talking too much about anything personal…when he does, some of you jump all over him. It’s his life. He can worship Satan, smoke crack, do drugs, and eat carrots for all the fuck I care. He’s an incredibly smart man and you shouldn’t be worried about him. Who hasn’t tried drugs in their life?

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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 2 years ago...



I only saw a little of what you are talking about..I decided to go to Panera Bread for a mocha instead of using my phone to check facebook at lunch today..Well, I did check Facebook, but only for a second. I mostly saw him saying the remark was only a joke and maybe he should lie more often, since people believed him. I commented and said I knew he was only joking. I know he cares about his health..I know he was only kidding..I didn't see what the people who believed him say. But, I think, that most people who really follow his interviews knew it was a joke. He jokes like that a lot. Maybe some fans do not know that. I didn't see what was said or know how long they have paid attention to Rob's interviews, so I am not going to hate on anyone for that. I will go on Facebook soon, and take a look at what was said, and if I think someone said anything really out of line, I will just tell them on Facebook where they can comment back and call me a bitch if they don't like what I said. I saw the interview, most of what he said sounded like he was joking..Like another one of his recent videos.

Now, as for the drugs thing, part of me wants to be open minded and say like you, I am for legalizing every drug..But, the sad fact is, I have had a lot of friends ruin their lives with drugs.Yes, when I was 19 I used pott twice, then some things started happening that made me not even want to do that.People I grew up with, went to high school with..One of the people who this happened to was my best friend in high school.. When he started, I begged him not to get caught up in that life style.Even then, I was seeing the result of his choices, and I was scared for him. That lead to him pushing me away for a long time..Years. We only started talking again, because my new roommate ran into him and his girlfriend. And, by the way, most of the reason why I am saying this here, is I am not sure I can vent to my roommate about how I feel about this whole situation, I don't want anyone thinking I am a judgemental bitch for pointing out things that are as obvious it was that Rob was only joking in that interview. .I am willing to get to know my friend again, but I am glad I didn't make the same choice he did when we were 18 and 19..He is not doing well. I could tell some other stories too, about other things people I knew went through when I was growing up. And, just so there is no confusion, I am not talking about Pott..I am talking about much harder drugs. I know the legal issues about these drugs are huge, complex things..But, how I feel is I wouldn't want to see the same things that happened to people in my past happen to anyone else I care about. Or see someone I care about in pain because a friend or family member is using and doing things that scare the shit out of them.

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Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly replied 2 years ago...

It is rather sad isn't it - you can tell Rob was in a laid back joking manner in that interview.  I even went in myself in the midst of the comments and said it was a tongue in cheek post.

Sadly people will always get the wrong end of the stick.   

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Posts: 342
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

Emma, it is indeed sad.  But to me, the point is not that they were confused by it.  But it's how they handle it.  Rock stars and drugs are nothing new.  Yes, it's very obvious that Rob takes care of himself, but he probably has tried his share of drugs.  I wouldn't be surprised anyway.  I would absolutely think nothing less of him.  I feel like sometimes fans treat him as if he is a boy band or some crazy shit.  It might be a shocking "no no" to the parents of the 11 year olds that listened to The Backstreet Boys if they tried marijuanna.  Remember Michael Phelps from the Olympics?  The whole fucking planet...or atleast America... flipped the fuck out that he smoked weed.  What the hell?  For some reason, sports heroes are always thought of as "family friendly" and expected to behave G rated 24/7.  Thank God for Dennis Rodman.  The world needed a crazy mother fucker with piercings all over his face, tattooes everywhere and nude photo shoots.  It may not seem so crazy now, but in the 90s this was unheard of.  And he was a phenomenal basket ball player.  We need more people like that in this world.  Pushing the limits and the standards.

Rob Zombie is a ROCK star.  And rock n roll was always meant to be the much needed rebellion.  The anarchy.  It will always be the "dangerous" music.  We need dangerous music.  I really wish someone could upload the vh1 Being Rob Zombie that aired in about 2002.  He said something there about there being nothing wrong with ..."wanting to get fucked up, rock out at a show, and get laid"..or something of that nature.  "ooooooh!  I'm telling mom and dad!  Rob Zombie spoke of sex outside of marriage, mentioned drug use,....and...in that episode  HE DRANK A BEER!!!"  Holy shit!  Give me a break.  What do people expect of a guy that changed his name to Zombie and has consistantly been putting upside down pentagrams, upside down crosses, 666, baphomets, and satanic imagery on his clothes ever since the begining.  And then they get upset in another interview where he says that he doesn't really believe in an after life.  Did you think he was a christian choir boy?  I get that religion and drugs are touchy topics for some people....but I won't even bother getting into the "bashing vegetarianism" nonsense.  That one sort of leaves me speechless.

I hate how Lady Gaga's "little monsters" blew up Howard Stern's phone lines/twitter/facebook/etc...  prior to her visit and interview with him screaming at him to be nice and talking a lot of shit about him.  How he is old and she is so much better and cooler than he.  How he's a piece of shit, and other vulgar insulting words.  They assumed he was going to be mean to her, so they were talking a lot of crap abotu him.  So much that he mentioned it to her.  And she basically apologized saying that they just get really protective of her.  The man is a FAN of her.  Wouldn't have had her on his show otherwise.  He was very nice and respectful and appreciates her work.

I hate Slayer fans that yell out "SLAAAYERRR!".  I hate how some of them think that any music that isn't metal is shit.  These would be the same dicks that would make fun of Zombie for not being "real metal".  Fuck off.

 Moon--  I am sorry to hear about your friend.  I think we all know someone, or have personally had some sort of struggle with drugs.  It's not uncommon.  I've known addicts.  But nevertheless, I stand by my words of the legalization of everything.  I said I am not a drug user, but I have tried my share of substances in the past.  

I understand that what I'm about to say could come across the wrong way to some people.  Especially when someone is emotionally attatched to someone...someone important.  A friend, family member, loved one, etc...  who has died or has had serious health or legal issues because of their drug use--- I can understand that the sympapthy, sorrow, and hope is so great in the minds of the loved ones for their friend to get better that they would grow to hate drugs in a possibly irrational way.

I'm of the opinion that weak people allow themselves to be addicted.  It was their own fault.  Whatever happens to them, they asked for.  This is not meant to sound cruel.  But maybe it's Darwinian to an extent.  Survival of the fittest.  As Marilyn Manson once said, "there is a difference between the people who use drugs and the people who abuse drugs....the abusers make the users look bad".  One might concur with the assumption that I'm speaking about presumably "weaker" or "acceptably safe" drugs such as marijuanna.  I'm not.  I'm still speaking about ALL drugs.  There is a certain fear of drugs like Cocaine and Heroin.  Yes, they are more dangerous drugs...but only to a degree.  I've watched perfectly healthy people shoot up heroine plenty of times right in front of me.  They never became addicted.  They just chose to use it and enjoy it, but they use judgement and responsibility.  They will go cold turkey if they find themselves becoming addicted.  I believe it is perfectly possible to use drugs occasionally...even the bad ones... and still be a fine and functioning person.  But it takes a great will power.  A will that some may not have.

I'm also aware that some people have a genetic predisposition towards addiction.  Maybe those people shouldn't use drugs at all.  Or execute even a more extreme caution.  I'm not saying everyone should use drugs.  We probably shouldnt use them at all.  But I don't like when the government forces something like this.  

If we legalize all drugs, we eliminate the black market.  There is less violence, murder, and gang activity.  All of a sudden, the drugs become safer.  Because we know exactly what is in it.  Many deaths by drugs are not actually due to the drug itself, but other shit the shady dealers and assholes put in it.  They often lace a product with rat poison because at a low enough dose, you can get high on rat poison.  But too much will kill a person, obviously.  Most of the deaths are because of irresponsibility and under education. 

The prisons are over filled.  We should reserve our prisons for real crimes like murder and theft.  If someone wants to get high, why throw them in there with these terrible people?  The war on drugs is a complete failure.  Billions and billions of dollars spent and countless of lives lost for nothing.

The Government would make HUGE profits and lower or squash the national debt if they taxed drugs.  With education, responsibility, and safer drugs, I think it's possible to live in a world where we are free to use whatever as we please.  (Certain laws should exist of course...like age limits and not to use while driving, etc...)

But these are just my opinions and I am open to further discussion!   

Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 2 years ago...


I respectfully disagree. I am not callous towards other people..No one is perfect..Sometimes people find themselves in fucked up situations, just because they made one mistake..Someone doesn't just deserve what they get if they use hard drugs and get addicted. Also, you have not experienced what you are talking about for yourself..How do you know the people who you know who have used were honest about not getting addicted? I have seen enough of these situations to know that when someone is using because they are addicted, they often do not tell the truth about what is really going on. I know the people you are talking about are your friends, you like them, and you want to believe what they say is the truth, but honestly when it comes to addiction, people lie their asses off.


I am fine with pott being legal in my state..I don't really want to spend my money on using it, but I don't have a problem.But, when it comes to meth, that shit is toxic, makes people violent, ruins the environment where people make it..And, I have seen it fuck up people's lives first hand..This is not an irrational fear I have. I have seen hard evidence that it is bad.

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Baby Firefly euphorious replied 2 years ago...

I agree with the whole Zombie thing.. getting blown wayyyyy out of porportion, I hate that shit, everyone has to get on the banwagon and put their 2 cents in, whatever Rob does or doesnt shouldnt be anyones concern. Your exactly right drugs and rock have been linked since rock started its def not something new. I dont agree with having all drugs legal however, like i do think pot would save alot of taxpayer money but that other shit im pretty sure would lead to taxpayers having to pay for welfare crack addicted mothers, and taxpaying rehab facilites. I do beleive in free rights i get what ur saying tho

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Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...


Moon, I definitely didn't mean to call you irrational.  What I meant was, and this goes for every single one of us, when it comes to friends, we are less likely to think as critically.  Like Dr. House for example.  He doesn't like to meet any of his patients because it could taint his diagnosis.  Once emotions are there for someone, we might go above and beyond to try to help them, we make act irrational to defend them against their enemies, even when they are wrong.  When we care about someone, we automatically put ourself in a position or mindset where we think in a slightly different way.  This is nothing to be ashamed of.  God knows I am easily accused of this as well.  It's just called being human and being persuaded by feelings I would imagine.  In any case, I think we agree.  Some drugs are worse than others.  That's just a fact.  Maybe marijuanna isn't as bad as cocaine.  But I can't see a reason to draw a line.  Alcohol leads to all kinds of liver and heart problems.  But it's legal.  Cigarettes are legal.

This might be naive, but I sort of think it's almost hard to allow yourself to be addicted.  Drugs are expensive.  There's been times where I just couldn't afford to buy my gf  ectasy.  And then when you have the money and you make it a goal to find some drugs....you can't find it!  You call all your buddies and they are all fresh out.  In my "drug" days when I was younger, I spent more time trying to find and obtain the drugs than actually doing them.  I pretty much found out in highschool that if you wanted to get fucked up over the weekend, you had to plan for it about a week in advance at least.

This leads me to two conclusions:  1 is that it is easier to become addicted when you are wealthy.  I've had some friends that have damn near became addicted.  They were pretty much the rich ones.  They could just borrow mom and dads money and they would buy a ridiculous amount and hand it out like candy to friends.   and 2.  you gotta know some top guy dealer.  Getting it through a friend of a friend of a friend just wont cut it.  You need someone with an infinite supply.  This is not a good person to know or associate with of course.  There is probably a 100% gurantee that he's some gang member and is bad news in basically every way.  You kind of need a guy like in Taxi Driver that you can call any time night or day for a fix.  Those people are hard to find.

And then when you are messing this heavily with drugs, there is a good chance you'll be arrested.  Which in this sense could help you to overcome the addiction-forcing you to go cold turkey or get the medical help you need.

In Chicago, you always see homeless people walking around asking for change.  How did they get that way?  I'd assume it's either mental illness or addiction.  But if it's addiction, how addicted could they really be at that point?  Drug dealers are in business to make money.  These people have nothing.  They are lucky to get a few bucks a day as hand outs and thats not enough.  Females might be lead into prostitution.  But males might no be that lucky  (ok, bad sarcasm!) 

I think drugs effect people differently.  I was never that good with drugs.  My body is weak.  I can't even smoke a joint without getting a panic attack and freaking out thinking I'm going to die because my heart is racing and I feel like my throat is closing up.  I don't really like drugs that much.  (I have had a few great times on shrooms however!)

I absolutely believe that these friends of mine who use heroine occasionally are not addicted.  They are very functional.  There are signs that people give who are having problems with drugs.  They might miss work a lot.  They look terrible.  There are tons of signs.  These people are successful and are driven and motivated.  Somehow they can shoot up and still act normal as if the drugs aren't affecting them.  I can only liken it to that of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.  He was a well documented drug user that was functional and it seemed to not effect him at all.  He might wake up and pour himself a drink and drink and do drugs all day while writing amazing works, meeting dead lines, and living a happy life.  Some people handle it better than others.  ....or maybe these people just get weak shit!  lol.

Also, it does suck when 1 bad mistake ruins someones life.  I'd feel bad for the person.  Everyone deserves more than 1 chance.  I don't think trying drugs 1 time would be an example of a bad mistake that ruins someone's life.  But maybe the 2nd and 3rd and 4th time and so on is.  It's hard to feel bad for someone that did it to themself.  If you find yourself in a fucked up situation that wasn't even your own doing, that sucks.  But THEY were the one that made the decision to try the drug in the first place.  No one had a gun to their head.  It's unfortunate.  I think better education and eliminating the black market are in part the key to less death and OD's.

But back on topic, I think the big point is that we shouldn't get mad at an artist who lives life the way he wants to.  Whether we are of the opinion that drugs are right or wrong, whether we think a certain religion is right or wrong, or no matter how we feel about certain foods, they remain our opinion and we shouldn't forcefeed it down someones throat.

The nice thing about message boards is that fans can come together for their love of a band.  We can discuss and debate respectfully.  That is very different from some ignorant people who really go out of there way to attack an artist for their beliefs, even though the artist made no attempt to force it upon anybody.

I haven't seen Zombie be anything but nice and cordial towards his fans, and some of them have the audacity to just try to find problems with him everywhere they look. Even though it's not even art-related, which should be the topic of discussion or critique.  NOT a persons personal behaviours and behind the camera feelings and beliefs.

As I mentioned about Slayer earlier, I kind of feel bad for them, artistically.  They couldn't do a song with Lady Gaga if they wanted to without some of their fans giving them shit.  Bands must like their fans.  The fans are responsible for their pay check.  But I wonder if some of them feel imprisoned by their own fan base.  Certain albums they can never live down.  Ridicule and bashing for things that are beyond their control.  It's sad.  But I guess it comes with the territory.

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Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...


check this guys video out!  I'm a big fan of his work! 

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Dr Satan Draghoul replied 2 years ago...

I completely agree with M_Tragedy666 on this one.  

The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh ~ Silent Hill

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