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Posts: 110
Request for All of You
Started by Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie 2 years ago

Hello, Everyone!

Hope you guys are doing OK!

Listen, I would like to ask something of you. When replying and posting there are some who use a VERY SMALL font size. Would it be too much to ask if those who do that would PLEASE pick a bigger size for your font and also a color that is easy to read. No, I am not illiterate, I, for physical reasons, am not able to be VERY CLOSE to the monitor as I should be to read small texts, so it would be AWESOME if youn guys culd increase thw size of your posts, and also the color. I like reading all the posts and as of now, I have to skip some posts because I simply cannot read them, so I miss part of the conversation!

Thank you very much in advance!!

Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 2 years ago...

Sure, I can use a bigger font.

Posts: 110
Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie replied 2 years ago...

thank you very, very much for being so understanding @Moon .. i can read YOU just fine!!

but there are some memvers who use a REALLY small font, often a red one and yes, i cannot read their posts and often, too, i miss the conversation!!

Posts: 64
The Professor white_zombie replied 2 years ago...

Lola, would that be my writings? I only do that to break the monotony. I 'especially' like the turquoise font and have figured out now how to get it all the time. Don't use the B/bold. If you do, it makes the colour red automatically.
Since you've asked so nicely with a please, of course I will change to a friendlier font. Smile

underneath the body, baby, where what you see is what you see and what you get

Posts: 743
Baby Firefly euphorious replied 2 years ago...


Posts: 288
Banjo BleedingKittie replied 2 years ago...

Will try to remember to make it easier for you!

“I’m here to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

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