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Playing albums in their entirety
Started by Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 1 year ago

I've been thinking lately how cool it would be to see Rob play his albums live all the way through.  The thing is, for most bands, it's like a big deal to play like...their most beloved album all the way through.  It's like an epic big long show.  The difference is, Rob's albums are so short, he could knock out 2, thats right TWO full albums in one concert!!!!   When I make my playlists in windows media player (fuck you itunes), I notice just about every RZ album clocks in at about 37 or 38 minutes.  It's nothing new that people complain about how short his albums are, but thats not what this topic is about!  In fact, they are a very good length for a lot of reasons.  But anyway, lately he's been playing about 75 minute sets right?  But some how, he only gets through 14 or so songs.  His songs are SHORT!  He hasn't had any big 5 minute ballads or anything.  There is no reason he couldn't play 20 songs.  A lot of bands do it.

Of the studio albums, there are usually about 11 tracks, and 2 or 3 of them are instrumentals or intro/sample tracks.  Not complaining about those.  I love the pacing and mood they set.  (Perversion 99 was fucking AMAZING on Hellbilly!).  I know a lot of people don't like those, however.  And they'd eat up time at a show when maybe we'd like to just hear the real songs.  Point is, he could damn near still make it a 75 minute show (though, longer would be awesome), and play TWO FULL ALBUMS!  We could actually hear Hellbilly Deluxe and The Sinister Urge in one night.  We could hear Educated Horses and Venomous Rat.  Together.  If he felt like extended it to a 90 min set or something (he's got so much material), we could still hear concert staples like More Human Than Human and Thunderkiss as encores or something.

I knew his albums were short, but I never really noticed that if he wanted to, he could actually seriously perform two whole albums in one night.  He does a lot of 'greatest hits' like setlists with 2 or 3 interchangable b-sides or obscure songs.  Pussy Liqour, for example, was refreshing.

Anyway, it's just an idea.  There is no reason not to, really.  At this point in his career, he's so established and has so many generations of fans, I bet it would be a warm welcome.  And again, it wouldn't get boring, because he'd be doing 2 albums, not just one.  It would be like a 19 or 20 song set.  He could handle it.  I know he's sick and tired of hearing about a White Zombie reunion tour.  I was never one begging for it anyway.  I love WZ, but I love his solo stuff too.  Maybe more.  But I mean, he could even do an Astro Creep tour if he wanted with his current band.  He doesn't have to get the old guys back just to play the songs.  

Would you guys like to see this?  How cool would it be to see like Venomous Rat and Sinister Urge played back to back in one night?  It wouldn't even take that much more time or tire him out.  I also love John 5's solo's, but if they just stuck to songs, they could easily fit another 3 or 4 in.

How about it Rob? 

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