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Rob Lives in my tiny state
Started by Baby Firefly euphorious 2 years ago

i was wondering what Rob was talking about at his concert when he was talking to the crowd and he was saying how he lived in CT and all the BEST women are from CT. LOL so i looked it up and what do you know he really does like 40 min away from me. thats just cool thought id share

Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 2 years ago...


Posts: 110
Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie replied 2 years ago...

not far from here, either ... we are all NewEngland Zombies mwahahahahahahha!!

southern NH here

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZOMBIE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posts: 110
Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie replied 2 years ago...


@euphorious it seems we've found us each other RED SOX and RobZombie FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

\m/ Rob RedSox Zombie \m/

Posts: 110
Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie replied 1 year ago...

fucking sweeeeeet!! :>~  plain northeast style like my house.. only mine is green ... see if this shit will let me attach a file

@euphorious i tried a illion pictures at the movie challenge... it's a no go, no idea what the fuck is wrong :S

this is my house... hmmmmm .. it seems it will attach in here ... why not on the movie challenge's thread then????

Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

I don't know if I would put up pictures of my apartment..I might still have my stalker. And since he is from my area ( which is why he was stalking me online, we used to be friends, but he did somethings to piss me off and there was a huge fight between me and him on Live Journal years ago), he might be able to look at the pictures and figure out where I live. I hope he decided to get a life by now and has forgotten about me.

 Rob's house is nice.

Posts: 288
Banjo BleedingKittie replied 1 year ago...

I love Rob and Sherry's house! Has a hint of Ammityville house with the windows in the middle of the home

“I’m here to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Posts: 110
Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie replied 1 year ago...

i got no problem showing a pic of my house .. what harm can it do??

ain't nobody coming in that we don't want to!

Posts: 118
Otis B. Driftwood Skatan replied 1 year ago...

famous people need to keep things private their the ones that will have people lurking and stalking their homes.... i dont think euphorious people gonna go find u house and stalk u u aint famous. i did think u posting Zombies info  disrespectful to sa the least.

Posts: 110
Otis B. Driftwood Lola666Zombie replied 1 year ago...

hey @skatan

why so harsh?? FYI, either @euphorious and i live in the same area rob zombie was born and it happnes to be still new engand where he does have a house these days, house @euphorius posted. FYI i happen to know where it is. am i going to anytime i want to be a pain in the ass? NO. and i highly doubt it @euphorious woudl go either.

if you feel the need to get harsh and talk the way you are talking to @euphorious  .. i think you should do it in private, unless you have employed yourself as rob's body guard here in this forum.  i don't like the way you are talking to @euphorious and i hink she replied to you just the way you deserve, i do hope it will stop right there, otherwise you will be the first one to know when i am going to takl to someone WHO REALLY IS IN CHARGE OF THIS FORUM about your unfriendly manners.

oh and FYI ... yes, it's been 10 years i am a "regular" person .. you have no idea who i am nor do you know i used to be famous in 4 countries over the world! do not speak before you get your facts straight.

thank you!

Posts: 841
Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly replied 1 year ago...

Okay I'm closing this thread and removing the link.

Here are my reasons:  Rob's privacy.

I don't believe anyone meant any disrespect by posting details but I do believe Rob and Sheri deserve privacy.  There may be details available online but as more of the world goes online, that will happen, it doesn't however mean it should be posted here.

Although to some the comment by @Skatan may seem harsh, and it may be, I think it was meant with good intentions.  If people have an issue with what someone says please come to me.  I'm only a message away and will get to the message as soon as I am able.

Saying that I don't think @euphorious meant any direspect by posting the link.

The thread has run its course and I also believe by keeping it open it has the probability of turning into an argument.

If anyone has any issues please drop me a message but I think I've explained the reasons for closing clearly enough and brought to a close any issues people may have had with some of the posts. 

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