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Mad Genius episode HELP
Started by Unholy M Tragedy666 1 year ago

My cable recently went out and I had to get a new box.  I had a ton of cool stuff saved in DVR.  I'd been meaning to figure out a way to transfer it to a dvd or vhs or something, but I'm not great with technology.  I lost some really important videos to me.  I had a lot of stuff saved but I'm hoping maybe some of you can help me with the Zombie-related material.

Things I had saved:

Dave's Old Porn episode
Rob Zombie judging on the food network Halloween episode of some show...don't know the name..  But chef's were making really cool and scary eatables.  It was very artistic

but most importantly, the MAD GENIUS episode of Rob Zombie and him performing with Alice Cooper in his induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I searched youtube and tried and tried with no luck finding the Rob Zombie Mad Genius episode.... if ANYONE bothered to save this, if there is anyway they could send me a copy of it or post it up online or something...  To me, it was an important part of Rob Zombie history.  It was one of the closest things to an offical mainstream biography.  Some really neat and new things were said that gives a bit of a glimpse into his history/childhood/etc..

I've been an avid Zombie interview collector for years and the other things I mentioned would be nice for the collection, but this Mad Genius:  Rob Zombie episode is a really important gem that I'd like to have and go back for repeat viewings.  I'd be willing to pay for a copy if someone could make me one and mail it.  Thank you! 

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Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

I would like to see the Mad Genius episode too..I did see the Halloween Wars episode on Food Network..I am really into cooking, and candy making and I love it when Food Networks has Halloween Wars every October. It is really cool what people can do with pumpkin carving, and cake decorating..And, the episode Rob was on was really good. I liked the Day of The Dead Pumpkins and the Zombies vs Vampire sculptures..And, Rob was very fair, and nice about judging the final compositions. Sometimes on those kind of shows, judges can be pretty harsh when giving critcism.He talked about what was working in all the pieces what was not working, and he was not mean about it.

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