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Posts: 21
Broad Street Bullies
Started by Tiny Jesus Frankenstein 2 years ago
http://www.deadline.com/2012/06/rob-zombie-targets-philadelphia-flyers-hockey-team-for-feature-broad-street-bullies/ Very cool.

Posts: 82
The Professor Tyrannosaurus Rex replied 2 years ago...

Sounds great! I think this is an important next step in Rob's evolution of movies. He tested different tones and kinds of horror within the genre itself from House of 1000 Corpses to Hallween II, than did the next of changing his kind of storytelling with The Lords of Salem, now he's going to change the genre. Many things in Halloween II showed me that he can direct a good drama. I'm really exited about the Broad Street Bullies!

From Germany, but I have nothing to do with the SS-Werewolfs!

Posts: 21
Tiny SpiderBaby replied 2 years ago...

I'm not sure how I feel about Rob venturing out of the horror genre, I only tend to watch horror movies and now rely on Rob for any decent modern day horrors lol On a more serious note it does sound very interesting. Its something Rob could run with and make amazing especially if its set in the 70's. Assuming of course this is happening and isn't just a rumour.

Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 2 years ago...

Well, Rob has mentioned that he is a hockey fan, and that he would like to try making other film genres besides horror. I do mostly watch horror, but, Rob is one of the directors who I love so much, that I will watch whatever he directs. I am sure he can make the film interesting.

Posts: 864
Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly replied 2 years ago...

We have just updated the news on this new Rob Zombie project on the homepage so you can see more about this and thoughts on it by Booby Clarke from the BSB's

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Posts: 342
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

I agree that this is a good move on Rob's part. Have no fear. Even if it's not horror, it's still Rob Zombie! He'll make it weird and fucked up in a way that fits the film. You can count on that! I'm sure he'll load it with cool 70s music and there is potential for some very horrifying things to take place too. As long as he is making music and films, I could care less about the style. I hope he makes lots of films. But I do hope that he will always return to horror in the long run.

Posts: 612
Unholy Lord of Salem replied 2 years ago...

My first thought on hearing about this was that it seemed really weird. And after getting used to the idea for a while... it still seems really weird. I'll definitely be out for this on opening night though! \m/

Come for the chicken-run blast-o-rama, stay for the werewolf women!

Posts: 40
Tiny Alan Coy replied 2 years ago...

I also thought it was an odd subject for him to work on, until i read more about it, and it seems he is quite a hockey fan, he was at the LA Kings playoff game w/Sheri. Im looking forward to it.


Posts: 4
NickDobo replied 2 years ago...

I would really love to play Bobby Clarke. I think I'd be a great fit. Being from the Philadelphia area and really growing up loving both the team and the sport, knowing the history of the organization, and I mean hey I even did my first book report in school on Clarkey, I really think I'd be a great selection for even just auditioning for this role. I know it's such a long shot, but I'm really passionate about this and I think that might count for something, especially when dealing with a guy who seems really passionate about the subject matter and the story in Rob Zombie. I even did a little video audition which I'll post below. I think this will be a great movie, but I think it needs people who are passionate about the subject matter, the team, and the sport for it to work. Obviously as an actor, it's just about playing the role the right way, but I think being really interested or having a love for the character would help greatly in achieving the suspension of disbelief that you strive for in a movie like this.

So, without further adieiu, here is my video audition for the role of Bobby Clarke and the original interview that was used as inspiration for the video:

Posts: 6
JimmyRZ replied 1 year ago...

I am looking forward to this movie, but I want Rob to continue making horror movies.  The state of horror movies would only be worse without him

Posts: 1
PeteMah replied 1 year ago...

I should be in this movie, I'm 6'4 205lbs lean n mean I have a wicked slapshot n love to fight.

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