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Which Characters did you want to know more about?
Started by Captain Spauldin Moon 2 years ago

I was wondering which characters from Rob's films did you want to know more about and why? What was it about them that interested you?

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Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

Really, all the main characters.  I think the Halloween story is pretty much done.  Rob did an excellent job with the back story of Michael Myers and Laurie and most of the other characters are forgetable and don't matter...let's face it, the movie is about Michael and Laurie....However, now as I write this I may have to contradict myself as I wouldn't mind finding out more about Michael's moms (Sheri) earlier life.  I guess It would be interesting to see how she ended up in such a fucked up situation.  But it's not necessary.

The characters I'd really like to see explored more are basically the whole family in Corpses/Rejects.  Particularly Otis, Baby, Spaulding, and Charlie the pimp.  Maybe especially Charlie.  I really loved that character and it captured what I imagine some sleazy hooker ranch in the 70s to be like.

Everyone is going to say Dr. Satan, and sure, why not?  I'll take whatever I can get about those films, as they really are some of my favorite.  But his back story might kill the myth...the legend that is Dr. Satan.  Maybe not.  Michael Myers back story didn't kill him as a character.  Of course some will try to debate that.  But in the end it's all personal opinion and preference.

The Doctor Satan character seemed kind of an incomplete thought if you listen to Zombie's directors commentary on Corpses.  ...I haven't heard it in years, so my memory may be wrong, but I recall Rob saying something about it started out as being Grampa Hugo but toward the end that seemed like an unsatisfying ended, so he changed it to the more cartoon and crazy like Dr Satan that we know and love today.  Kind of a big move....  It's quite fascinating really.  I'm not going to pretend to know jack shit about film making in Hollywood, but it seems kind of ridiculous of Universal to give Rob the money to make Corpses without a complete visual thought and very straight forward story.  Obviously I'm happy they took the chance!  lol.  It's one of my favorite films as I said, but its crazy to give someone 7 million to make a movie and then change key story elements as they go along... Maybe I'm missing something.  Whatever Rob did, it worked!  
......So  I suppose I'd like to see an early story of Dr Satan.  It would actually be pretty cool if it's done right.

But mainly, I'd love to see more adventures with the Rejects + Charlie.

It's not the first time I've mentioned it, but if you guys remember that old Rejects website with some back stories written out, those were REALLY cool and unique.  Really tied things together nicely if I remember and an important piece of these characters history is lost if no one ended up saving it.  It helped to give us a bigger idea of their personalities and characters and etc..   Atleast we still have the comic books from Spookshow International.  Not sure if those were intended to be taken officially as these characters back stories, or if they were more of a fantasy involving the characters, but not in the real universe of the films.  


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