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Dallas Show Golden Ticket Picture
Started by Tiny AngelMyers13 2 years ago


I still have not received my picture with the band from the Dallas, Texas, golden ticket. I noticed that other fans from the show have their pictures already, so I was wondering if there was a problem with my email? If need be, I can provide another email address to send the photo to. Please let me know.

Thank you,
-Kalyn Corrigan 

EDIT by Emma: Email address has been removed for your personal protection.  Please see my post below for info on contact The One and Only Golden Ticket 

Posts: 3
hajicasebolt replied 2 years ago...

I haven't gotten mine yet either. I sent an email to them yesterday and asked when we can expect to see them, no response yet.

Posts: 3
hajicasebolt replied 2 years ago...

Check your email Angel. I just got mine.

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Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly replied 2 years ago...

From what I can gather the Golden Tickets photos can take up to three days to get to you.  If you have any questions please drop them a line: @theoneandonlygoldentickets.com">@theoneandonlygoldentickets.com">info@theoneandonlygoldentickets.com

They are the best people to ask for this as they are the organizers of the meet and greets.

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