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Being a "VEGGIE" (as "The Coop" would say)
Started by angryredwoman2006 2 years ago
Rob, First off, im Sooo glad you and Sheri have decided against children! You hit the nail on the head with the term "little alien's"! So,moving on, my question is this. How long have you been a vegetarian, and is Sheri a "veggie" as well? Is it a choice you made before meeting her? or did she help to bring you over to the dark side? I am a meat eater like no other! No really! I eat meat to a degree that would shock most normal people, whatever normal mean's! When I do eat vegetable's they have to be raw and that's few and far between. You are the first and only ZOMBIE I've personally heard of that does not eat meat! So once agian, prop's for being you no matter what people might think!!! lol! You are the God of Rock n Roll!

Posts: 52
The Professor living-dead-girl replied 2 years ago...

Yes Sheri's a 'veggie' as well

Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 2 years ago...

Glad Rob and Sheri are a good example of people who don't want kids who are also happy and successful. If people really want kids, that is cool..But, there really is too much pressure in this society to reproduce, and if you are someone who does not want kids, you really get a lot of people pressuring you to have them..I have been told by a couple people I should experience changing diapers and making baby bottles..Fuck that..If I actually ever do have a baby, I would breast feed it, because my mom says that is healthier. Anyway, I hate hearing that crap, and I am glad to know that other people feel the same way I do.

Posts: 79
The Professor Belialith replied 2 years ago...

Hahahahaha.... "with the term "little alien's"! That is so weird you mentioning this phrase. When I was younger I realized something was happening to our children and so I didn't want to bring any into this world. I figure, you can't watch them 24 hours a day. And I just could't see any harm come to them. Awww so beautiful children. I love them so much. And now, all the children I meet I just click with them, their beautiful souls. It takes a whole neighbourhood to watch over them. We're all a big family. So let's keep a watch over the innocent lovely children whom we have all around us. K? Love yas.

Posts: 2
angryredwoman2006 replied 2 years ago...

I got the term " lil aliens" from the man himself. On the interview with Stern ,that was his term for lovely little children! he said it best so The way I c it, if it aint broke dont fuck with it! lol

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