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Louisville KY show was a Major Disappointment!!
Started by shankats 10 months ago

I am not here to make a bunch of negative cracks on Rob Zombie and the Louisville KY show Friday night (5-2-14), but I was extremely disappointed! This was my third Rob Zombie concert (well actually my first was White Zombie). It was a great outdoor venue and perfect weather.  However, from the beginning of the concert (which started about an hour and a half late), it was definitely not your typical amazing intense Zombie concert.  He came out distracted and extremely pissed off about something, which later I heard there were some microphone or sound issues.  He threw his microphone and mic stand a few times against the screens behind the stage and stomped off stage several times in the middle of performing songs.  This went on periodically throughout the concert.  So you can imagine that it really affected the intensity and mood of the audience and the flow of the concert.  I understand that shit happens and I am sure he was pissed about the issues regarding the sound.  However, as a fan I expect to be entertained and a certain level of professionalism, even from heavy metal performers.  Concert tickets are not cheap, and I have spent a lot of money on Zombie music over the years.  I have been a fan since the late 80's. I have been to at least 200 concerts in my lifetime (of all types of music) and cannot say I have ever seen anything like this happen.  In closing, I am not going to stop being a fan of Rob Zombie because I truly love his music, I am just really let down as a fan. 

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@MrsZombie replied 10 months ago...

My husband was disappointed at Lupos show too. "he didnt have all background and effects due to small venue .and he didnt play as many songs "as the bigger venues.  I guess everyones perception is different. but I thought it was the best ive seen.(zombie concert#3)He got pissed a few times at lupos but i thought it was funny.. but Bottomline hes is passionate about everything. .RobZombie is abnormally good to his fans. Well its a good story anyway....At least you didnt pay 400$ and limo for .Rhiannah she  cancelled show ,rescheduled. Then made made her fans wait 3 hours. No encore.Shes boycotted in this house . I love concerts especially RobZombie  peace!xoxo

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