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Posts: 743
Started by Baby Firefly euphorious 1 year ago


Posts: 1
meegs654 replied 1 year ago...

Does anyone know if Rob will be signing anything? I have a House of a 1000 Corpses print from Joel Robinson that I would love to have him sign. 

Posts: 743
Baby Firefly euphorious replied 1 year ago...

@meegs654 He usually does meet and greets through http://www.Adeventuresinwonderland.com, ive used this company many times and they are awesome you also get ur pic taken with the band, Korn does their VIP through another company and im sure they will do VIP

Posts: 340
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 11 months ago...

I'll be at the Iowa and Michigan shows.  Does anyone know who is going on first and who is headlining?  How about the setlist's thus far?

Posts: 340
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 11 months ago...

Ended up just going to the Michigan show.  It was amazing!!!    I got to hang with Rob for a few at his book signing before hand (I now have four copies of Lords of Salem novel signed!!)  He was as nice as ever.  

The show was much more stripped down this time, but not so much that it was boring by any means.  There was still enough for a total sensory explosion.  But there was no pyro, or LED screens, and I don't even think there were any robots this time.  Oh well.  

Zombie mentioned something about being a bit wired as he hasn't slept in about 48 hours.  You would have NEVER known.  I've seen Zombie close to 20 times now, and I've never seen him more alive and full of energy.  The ENTIRE fucking show he was running around and going crazy.  I never even noticed him take a water break at all...when he wasn't on stage, he was in the audience walking around.  I've never seen someone with so much energy.  He seems healthier and more fit than ever.  I'm really going to have to try his vegan diet and exercise routine!  lol I'd love to know his secret.

Anyone, KoRn kicked ass as well!  It was great seeing these two tour together again!  

I wasn't that into Scar The Martyr.  Not because they sucked or anything, it's just not my preferred style.  But they made for a decent opening act.

I only wish they would have played longer.  I think they only did about 11 songs, and one of them was the "American Band" cover.  John 5 had some amazing solos!  and Ginger Fish had a rad drum solo.  But it would have been cool if they did 15-20 songs.  I used to see Rob back in the day play about 17 or 18 if memory is correct. 

Posts: 743
Baby Firefly euphorious replied 11 months ago...

the night of the living dreads ended up not coming anywhere near my state so im just seeing Korn in NJ the day b4 Thanksgiving... was a little bummed they didnt do new england dates on the tour Glad you enjoyed yourself @M Tragedy666 u seem to be in better spirits since the last post i seen which was months ago ive beens so busy!! hope all is well!!

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