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The Ultimate Zombie
Started by Tiny Crippletown 2 years ago

I though I'd share what I've been working on for the last few months. This is nothing official, but if you want a copy, hopefully you have all the CDs cause I was able to make all these songs fit together like a puzzle and it really takes you on a journey.. so here's my version of what the Ultimate Zombie collection is.. enjoy!!

Ultimate Zombie, Part One: 

01. Beginning of the End
02. Superbeast
03. Electric Head, Pt. 1
04. Ain't the Only Thing Tasty...
05. Black Sunshine
06. Living Dead Girl
07. More Human Than Human
08. Iron Head
09. Thunder Kiss '65
10. Something For You Men...
11. Resurrection Joe & Rosa Whore
12. Dead Girl Superstar
13. Howdy Folks!
14. The Scorpion Sleeps
15. Saddle Up the Mule
16. Super-Charger Heaven
17. Demon Speeding
18. Into the Pit
19. Sick Bubblegum (Skrillex Remix)
20. Blood, Mild and Sky
21. Run, Rabbit, Run
22. American Witch
23. Dragula
24. Michael

Ultimate Zombie, Part Two: 

01. Transylvanian Transmission
02. What Lurks On Channel X?
03. I, Zombie
04. Children of the Grave
05. Meet the Creeper
06. Two-Lane Blacktop
07. Demonoid Phenomenon
08. House of 1,000 Corpses
09. Holy Miss Moley
10. Werewolf Women of the SS
11. Mars Needs Women (without intro)
12. Scum of the Earth
13. Foxy Foxy
14. Electric Head, Pt. 2
15. Feel So Numb
16. I Am Hell
17. Creature of the Wheel
18. My Baby Boy
19. The Devil's Rejects
20. Jesus Frankenstein
21. Never Gonna Stop
22. Let It All Bleed Out
23. Everybody Scream
24. What?

I've road tested both of these, they sound great and each song compliments the next, I hope most of you make these mixes, they truly are something to behold!!!
Once again, enjoy!! 

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Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

I've made similar mixes.  This is a really nice list!  I've always made mixes with rarities and soundtrack songs and things that were never really put on an official release.  I always wished Zombie would release a compilation of these, as they are all great and many casual fans have probably not heard most of these if any.  It would be sad to see them fade away into obscurity.  I made this mix with my own zombie inspired artwork that I drew with a booklet and everything.  I called it "Soundtrack Songs and Scum Vol. 1".

The Great American Nightmare  (w/ Howard Stern...Private Parts soundtrack)
The Man That You Fear    (w/ Drowning Pool...Dare Devil soundtrack)
Reload -time to die-   (The Matrix 2 soundtrack)
Ratfinks, Suicide tanks, and Cannibal Girls  (Beavis and Butthead Do America soundtrack)
Everybody Scream  (House of 1000 Corpses soundtrack)
Hands of Death -burn baby burn-  (The X Files soundtrack  w/ Alice Cooper)
The One   (Escape From L.A. soundtrack)
Halloween -she get so mean-  (Halloween Hootenanny compilation)
Pussy Liqour  (House of 1000 Corpses soundtrack)
Feed The Gods (Airheads soundtrack)
I Am Hell  ( Beavis and Butthead Experience compilation)
Girl On Fire  (Past, Present, and Future best of)
More Human Than Human  ( Ozzfest 2002 Live compilation)
Run, Rabbit, Run  (House of 1000 Corpses soundtrack)
I'm Your Boogieman  (The Crow soundtrack??)
Two Lane Blacktop  (Past, Present, and Future Best Of compilation)
Brickhouse 2003  (House of 1000 Corpses soundtrack)
Warzone  (The Punisher sountrack)
Never Gonna Stop -black cat crossing remix-  (WWF Forcible Entry compilation)
Super Monster Sex Action  (Dragula single)
Children of the Grave  (Nativity In Black, Black Sabbath Tribute Album)
Little Piggy  (House of 1000 Corpses soundstrack)
Blitzkrieg Bop  (We're A Happy Family--The Ramones Tribute album)

 and then all the download only remixes from Hellbilly Deluxe 2.  Also, maybe a studio version of  Say You Love Satan from the late White Zombie days.   There is a whole album or two here alone, not even including the remixes.  These are all great songs!  

Posts: 86
The Professor Lola666Zombie replied 2 years ago...

sounds awesome! i think you shoudl include, though, Lords of Salem and I'm your Boogieman

how do i get my hands on your CD? :>~


thank you very much in advance! :>~

Posts: 838
Sheriff Wydell Emma Firefly replied 2 years ago...

@Lola666Zombie you can't get hold of these CD's, they are mixes people have made from their Rob Zombie collection.  To ask for the CD's is to ask for a non official distributed album.  I think also the idea of the thread is to show how you put together your playlist of Rob Zombies music on something such as iTunes or Spotify.

Clients: Rob Zombie, John 5, Piggy D see my work: http://www.facebook.com/1976designs

Posts: 86
The Professor Lola666Zombie replied 2 years ago...

@Emma .. Thank You Very Much For Replying!

oh well, it was just a question..  as i am a RobZombie Worshiper, everything related to Him.. i want ;>~

Lovies, lola

Posts: 325
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

It's a pain in the ass tracking down all the soundtracks that these songs were featured on (which is exactly what I've done back in about 2000).  Fortunately, a decent amount of them can be found on Zombie's "Past, Present, And Future" best of album and the "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" White Zombie box set.  At least the White Zombie set has all non-album songs they did for movies and compilations back in the day.  The Zombie best of has a handful of them, but several great songs are missing, like "Man That You Fear" w/Drowning Pool or "Reload/Time to Die" from Matrix Reloaded soundtrack.

"I'm Your Boogieman" is a great song that no compilation of soundtrack songs would be fit without.  Also, the remix featured on White Zombie's "Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds" is pretty sweet.  There would be no need adding "The Lords of Salem" as that was featured on an official album.

I made my mix before the days of itunes and all that.  I was also not very technologically savvy.  I had no songs stored on my computer.  My whole life was in my cd case, and much space was devoted to Zombie with as many slots as necessary for a cd with a song of his on it.  ...Even if it was just one song, it made it in the cd case that I carried with me everywhere.  No one wants to listen to 1 song..then change cds.  Then listen to another song, and change cds, and over and over.  So I wished for years that he would put out an official release with all these little side songs over the years.  If he had the rights to them, to just release a single cd where you could hear them all.  That is where my mix idea came from.  I just sat there one day and had to individually burn song after song in some primitive cd burner that was large and bulky, wishing for that official release.  Those songs were all great and it's at least an entire album (or two at this point) worth of material.  He could have just as easily put his name on it and made it an official album lol.

I suppose the idea is kind of pointless now.  Now that we have all those songs in one place...on our computers or ipods or whatever.  I realize that I took your topic slightly in a different direction, but I thought it would be a good chance to bring some light on some of these forgotten songs.  So that is what my list is made up of--Any and all NON-album songs that were released from 1992-2013.  Hopefully, he will continue doing this for future films.  It's a great treat inbetween albums.

You could easily make any mix you like of these songs.  If you don't have them, I tried to provide the original soundtracks they came off of...but definitely check... as I said, many were released on the White Zombie box set and the 1st official Zombie best of disc.  Also, it shouldn't be too hard finding the other songs if you can't come across the actual soundtracks themselves.  I'm sure there MUST be a way to download them somewhere... Wink


The diehard Zombie fans would know, but I wonder if the casual fan would even realize the material isn't new if Zombie were to put these out on 1 official disc.  He could probably pull a fast one and get away with it.  lol.  Most people probably don't follow his career as closely as we, on the board do.  He could just release all these songs and say it's his new album and some kid would be rocking out to Great American Nightmare or Hands of Death thinking this was new material.  Lol.  They were all good enough to be on an album anyway and they deserve a proper release.  Props to Rob for making quite a few of them available in other ways like with the box set, etc..  But there is still many more that fans may not know about.

Also, it makes me LOVE that 1000 Corpses soundtrack even more.  The thing was like a fuckin' E.P.  FIVE new Zombie songs + instrumentals + samples.  That's about half a new album right there that we got in 2003.  Good shit! 

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