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White Zombie v.s. Rob Zombie.....Why?
Started by Unholy M Tragedy666 11 months ago

Everywhere you look, you will find plenty of people who seem to not only prefer White Zombie to Rob's solo output, but they seem to really want to make their opinions known all the while.  As if they go out of their way to try and say that Rob's music now sucks.

There is a lot of discuss and analyze about this.  Some of these people might legitimately prefer WZ over RZ, but for the most part, I don't think these people are fans at all.  I believe the word "fan" has some strength to it.  There certainly must be a difference between a fan and a casual listener.  When you don't like what a band has released for the last 15 years, but you happen to like one, maybe two albums from over 20 years ago, you aren't really a fan.  You haven't liked the vast majority of the artist's output.

The thing that people don't seem to realize is that Rob was still the brains of the outfit in White Zombie.  Of course I don't know what all happened during the writing process of those songs.. I wasn't there.  But I do know that Rob wrote all the lyrics and I would feel comfortable that he has a very deep hand in what the music was.  He might have had to compromise his vision slightly, but he's not going to release something that he's not proud of.  He was the one responsible for the music video's.  I'm sure he was the one to hand select and edit in the samples of horror films within the songs.  I bet he arranged the songs. He probably had some riffs by J and Yseult that he cut together to fit what he decided to sing over it.  My point is, writing music is a very hands on process, and from what we know of Rob Zombie, he would't take something like that lightly.  He cares very much about his art.

 Many may not agree with me on this one, but I don't really look at it as two bands.  I realize that Rob Zombie's solo releases sound VERY different for the most part from what White Zombie sounded like, but I just few it as an artists natural progression.  Really, every one of his solo albums have sounded completely different too.  Did anyone think Educated Horses was from a different band than the one who made Hellbilly Deluxe?  Of course not.  It's just Rob's vision.  All of it.  These White Zombie fanatics really ought to give his solo work another listen.  As Rob said in a recent facebook post, he doesn't have  a time machine.  Lol.  There is no going backwards.  Why are these people even bothering still following his career if they hate everything he's done post White Zombie?  That's not being a fan at all.  That's like a hater basically.  Not that they have to like everything.  But when they go out of their way to complain, it's a little odd.   I absolutely LOVE Astro Creep and LaSexorcisto.  But you know what?  I love all of his solo stuff too.  And at this point, he's got more amazing material from Rob Zombie than he does under the White Zombie name.  Maybe White Zombie would have continued making great albums.  But they didn't.  So, we are left with 25 amazing White Zombie songs (plus a handful of soundtrack and covers) vs 5 amazing Ro Zombie albums (and a ton of soundtrack songs/covers).  We are lucky Rob still plays ANY White Zombie songs live.  He certainly doesn't have to.  I'd kill to hear Grease Pain and Monkey Brains live.  But you know what?  Whatever.  It's all good.  His new album, Venomous Rat, is one of his best albums ever as far as I'm concerned.

In conclusion, there shouldn't be a White Zombie VS Rob Zombie amongst fans.  It should be White Zombie AND Rob Zombie.  It's all great stuff.  And if you think he only had a handful of good songs like  18 years ago....your not really a fan of this band.  You are a casual listener who...happens to like a handful of songs out of a bands extensive career.

So, to all of you I ask:  Do you prefer White Zombie or Rob Zombie?  and why?  Or, are you like me and see it as one giant collage of great Zombie tunes.  Pretty damn equal.

Discuss the differences of White Zombie and Rob Zombie and your likes and dislikes of each. 

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Tiny andrewcolomy replied 11 months ago...

I never really understood it. Rob Zombie and White Zombie are so drastically different. Hell, White Zombie never stayed the same for more than a year before going in some other direction. While the style was constantly changing. I think one thing remained the same, and that's Rob's love for referencing old horror movies, pornos, horror and sci-fi and exploitation films and creating vivid surreal trances through random word salad lyrics. That's kinda the thing. Rob's songs almost never make any sort of sense at all. There was never a message. It was always about taking you on a weird ride, usually one you didn't want to get off of. That's what I love about him. He seems to take all the usual conventions of a song such as meaning and message and throws it in the trash to replace it with something fun. You just gotta learn to leave your brain at the door, sit down, relax and take it all in. I find that he makes really good music for getting the imagination flowing. As soon as I hear anything by him all sorts of weird shit starts rushing through my head.

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Unholy M Tragedy666 replied 11 months ago...

This is a little off topic, but you bring up a good point that I'd like to look at.  You said,  "Rob's songs alost never make any sort of sense at all.  There was never a message".   This is true...or should I say this WAS true.  Do you feel like recently, over the last few years, he has been making more sense and the songs are starting to have some sort of message?  I can't figure out if he's slowly changing his lyrical style, or maybe I'm just so used to listening to him....I've been listening to his albums nearly every day for the last 13 years... so maybe I'm just so used to the style and formula that I'm begining to read too much into it...  I'm not sure.  But for example, look at songs like "Everything Is Boring", and "Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin".  These songs have some clear messages.  He seems to be getting angrier with pop culture/media/and the stupidity of the people.  And I'd have to agree with him.  But it's beyond that.  Those two songs had messages, but even songs like Devil's Hole Girls...it may not have a message, but it's clearly about Charles Manson and The Family.  It seems like on older songs, they were more nonsensical.  A song like "Meet The Creeper" for example....what the fuck is he talking about?  What "Creeper"?  It's hard to really understand it.

So, do you think he's starting to write deeper songs with more meaning or less mystery and just upfront what he is talking about? 

Posts: 20
Tiny andrewcolomy replied 11 months ago...

I wouldn't really say deeper. When his songs do have meanings, they hit you like a sledgehammer. Very blunt and not subtle at all... kinda like his music itself so it works. I don't think he wants to make too much sense because it really is kind of his appeal. Its like, lets write a song about goofy shit, give it a crazy title and lyrics and give it a CONTAGIOUS beat. I guess he only really includes messages that are important or that have had a really significant affect on him. He're my biggest comparison. You got guys like Megadeth or Slayer, who, while heavy, almost always have a message... usually a really sarcastic political or religious or societal message to them. They seem to focus alot more on the real world or as much as a very bleak interpretation of it. Rob barely focuses on the real world. Everything is a fantastic nightmare. I believe it's like he's the king of freaky nightmares. Here to take you away from fucked up reality to take you into his fucked up imagination world. I do think it's a good relief to that though

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PsychoBobJaX replied 11 months ago...

I am proud to say that I am a TRUE Rob Zombie fan!  I am a fan of both RZ and WZ!

JaX Zombie

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