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Unreleased, Live and Remixed
Started by BENESIS 2 years ago

I noticed many of us Zombie Heads have some doubts about rarities from Mr. Zombie, so I decided to create this topic for some help.

Here we go!

Unreleased, Live and Remixed

With White Zombie:

-The Beavis And Butt-Head Experience
"I Am Hell"

- NIB: Nativity In Black - A Tribute To Black Sabbath
 "Children Of The Grave" (Black Sabbath cover)

- Airheads 
"Feed The Gods" 

- Scape From LA
 "The One"

- The Crow: City Of Angels
 "I'm  Your Boogieman" (KC And Sunshine Band cover)

- Beavis And Butt-Head Do America
 "Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks And Cannibal Girls" 

Solo Career :

- Songs In The Key Of X
 "Hands Of Death (Burn Baby, Burn)" (with Alice Cooper

- A Fistful Of Alice [Live album from Alice Cooper]
 "Feed My Frankestein" [Live]
 "Elected" [Live]

- Private Parts
 "The Great American Nightmare" (with Howard Stern)

- Quake II [id Software game]
 "Quake II Theme Song" (second part of the intro music of the game, not available for purchase or full listenning)

 - Halloween Hootenanny
 "Halloween (She Get So Mean)" (with The Gastly Ones)

- It's All About The Benjamins [album from Puff Daddy &  The Family]
 "It's all About The Benjamins [Shot Caller Rock Remix]" (along with Tommy Stinson, Fuzzbubble and Dave Grouhl

- Dragula [single]
 "Super Monster Sex Action"

- Tonight The Stars Revolt [album from Powerman 5000
 "Blast Off To Nowhere"

- Twisted Metal 4 [video game]
"Superbeast [Girl On A Motorcycle Mix]" (Version 2 of the mix, only available in the game)

- The Crow: Salvation 
"Living Dead Girl [Naked Exorcism Mix]" - if you pay attention, this version has some almost unnoticible differences upon the "Subliminal Seduction Mix" from the "American Made Music" album, such as the beat, and the end of the song.

- The Matrix
"Dragula [Hot rod Herman Mix]" -  there is some difference in the beat, being more heavy than the "Si Non Oscillas, Nolli Tintinnarre Mix" from the "American Made Music" album.

 - Ozzfest 2002 [live festival]
 "More Human Than Human" [Live] 

- Daredevil : The Album
"Man Without Fear" [with Drowning Pool]

- Matrix Reloaded
"Reload (Time To Die)"

- We're A Happy Family: A Tribute To Ramones
"Blitzkrieg Bop" (Ramones cover)

- House Of 1000 Corpses
 "Everybody Scream"
 "Little Pig"
 "Pussy Liquor"
 "Brickhouse 2003" (with Trina and Lionel Richie)

- Resident Evil: Apocalypse
 "Girl On Fire [Resident Renhold Remix]"

- Punisher War Zone

- God And Guns [album from Lynyrd Skynyrd]

- Welcome 2 My Nightmare [album from Alice Cooper]
 "The Congregation"


If there's something missing, post in this topic. Let's help the Zombie Heads Community having as many information about Rob zombie's carrer as they can.

Posts: 7
BENESIS replied 2 years ago...

Maybe I had to put in the list songs from his own works like I did with "Super Monster Sex Action" and the songs from House Of 1000 Corpses, so let's do it:

- Past, Present & Future [greatest hits album] 
"Two-Lane Blacktop"
"Gril On Fire"

- Hellbilly Deluxe II [Special Edition]
 "Devil's Hole Girls An The Big Revolution" (feat. Joey Jordison)
 "Everything Is Boring" (feat. Joey Jordison)
 "Michael" (feat. Joey Jordison)
 "The Man Who Laughs" (2nd version feat. Joey Jordison

Posts: 342
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

This is a very great and complete list!  Thanks for doing this!  I've tried to do this a few times but this one is much superior.

Don't forget to add:

"Run, Rabbit, Run"  from the House of 1000 Corpses soundtrack  

"Never Gonna Stop (The Black Cat Crossing Mix)  from WWF Forcible Entry (Edge's theme song)

"Demon Speeding (Dirty Black River Mix)"  Nascar Crank It Up soundtrack

"Girl On Fire (Resident Renholder Mix)"  from Resident Evil: Apocolapse soundtrack

and the Hellbilly Deluxe 2 downloadable only tracks...  what were they?  Jesus Frankenstein, Werewolf Baby, What?, and Sick Bubble Gum.  Don't have the "remix" names on hand...but should be easy to find.  Those remixes were really good!  I wish they were on a cd as I hate downloading music.

Posts: 2
jonesjl9 replied 2 years ago...

sorry i cant add, just wanted to show my appreciation for everyone else's submissions. this list is very cool and enlightening :-D


Posts: 7
BENESIS replied 2 years ago...

Holy shit! How could I forgot about "Run Rabbit, Run" one of my favorite tracks from that year. I tought it was on the list, so, many thanks bro.
And you were right, I had to include the remixes. I will prepare a list with all of them, but if someone want to put it here, that's gonna be great, I am at work, so for now I can't do that. Thanks for the reply.

Posts: 7
BENESIS replied 2 years ago...

More Remixed

Zombie era

-Thunder Kiss'65 [single]
 "Thunder Kiss ´65 ['Finger On The Trigger' Remix]"
 "Thunder Kiss '65 ['The Diabolical Ramrodder' Remix]"

- Nightcrawlers: The KMFDM Remixes
 "Thunder Kiss´65 ['Swinging Lovers' Mix]"
 "Thunder Kiss '65 ['The Remix That Wouldn't Die' Mix]"
 "Black Sunshine ['Indestructible "Shock It to Me" Psycho-Head' Mix]"

- Super Charger-Heaven [single]
 "More Human Than Human ['Princess Of Helium' Ultra-Mix]"

- More Human Than Human [single]
 "More Human Than Human ['The Jeddak Of The Tharks' Super-Mix]"
 "Blood, Milk And Sky ['Kerokerokeroppi And The Smooth Operator' Mix]"

- Electric Head Pt.2 (The Ecstasy) [single]
 "More Human Than Human ['The Warlord Of Mars' Megamix]"
 "Blood, Milk And Sky ['Im-Ho-Tep 3,700 Years Old Boogie' Mix]"

- Real Solution #9 [single]
 "Electric Head Pt 2 (The Ecstasy) ['The Creature Feature 56' Mix]"
 "Electric Head Pt 2 (The Ecstasy) ['Shut Up And Kill' Mix]"

- Remixes Vol. 1 [from Rabbit In The Moon]
 "Blood, Milk and Sky ['Subterranean' Mix]" 

Solo era

- Remix-A-go-Go
 "Spookshow Baby ['Super Ultra Deluxe Mix]"

- Hellbilly Deluxe II [Special iTunes Edition]
 "What? ['The Naughty Cheerleader' Mix]"
 "Jesus Frankestein ['Halfway To Hell And Loving It' Mix]"
 "Sick Bubblegum ['Men Or Monsters...Or Both?' Mix
 "Werewolf, Baby! ['Las Noches Del Hombre Lobo' Remix]"

- Mondo Sex Head [Special Edition]
 "Thunder Kiss '65 [TOBACCO Remix]"
 "Never Gonna Stop [Drumcorps Grind Remix]"
 "Pussy Liquor [Tobias Enhus Remix Explicit]"
 "Thunder Kiss '65 [Destructo Remix]"
 "More Human Than Human / Living Dead Girl / Burn ['Full Metal Machine' Megamix]"

If there's something missing, let's share it. I have some unnoficial remixes here, done by some djs, but I will not post them here, unless you want it. =]


Posts: 342
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 2 years ago...

I don't think unnofficial remixes matter since anyone could do it.  I think this thread is about officially released shit.  Now days, everyone is remixing everything.  It's definitely not as cool as original material, but that being said, there are some really good ones out there.  If you have a few that you think are really well done and interesting, I suppose post it with that tag line in mind--that it's not official.  But lets probably steer away from unofficial remixes that Zombie had nothing to do with.

Benesis, you should go back and edit my additions into your post for reference!

as far as live goes, I have a few really cool bootlegs.  A White Zombie disc called "Astro Junkies 1995"  which has 3 shows on there.  Two from Astro Creep era and one from LaSexorcisto tour with Pantera.  Cool shit!  Also as far as Rob Zombie goes, I've got a a bootleg vhs from a live show in Arizona that is phenomenal!  The picture quality sucks but the audio is just amazing.  Zombie says some cool funny shit and sounds really good.  Lots of energy.  He gets a bunch of topless chicks dancing on stage for Living Dead Girl.  A beautiful encore of Blood Milk And Sky.  THAT should have been the live cd in my opinion.  

Posts: 7
BENESIS replied 2 years ago...

Great Bro! I will not post these remixes for now. About your additions, I will keep them, it's for everyone. Smile

I have only one bootleg, the Kicking In Heavens Door. It contains the full concert from Bizarre Festival (the one available in youtube), another full performance ( I don't remember from where) and the live performance of "More human Than Human" on David Letterman (you also can find on youtube) . Considering where I live, it's almost a miracle find something from Rob's stuff since WZ. Most of my stuff I bought online...I own a blog, a brazilian blog about Rob Zombie, but is hard to maintain it alone, but I keep on it. If you want to take a look (just a look, because it's all in portuguese, lol) you can follow the link http://zombieheadsbrasil.blogspot.com .

Posts: 2
sportdavid replied 1 year ago...

  You mentioned "Halloween (She Get So Mean)", the 2nd track on the Halloween Hootennany CD. The 1st & last tracks on this CD are Halloween-inspred Intro & Finale poetic prose written by Mr. Zombie and features the dulcet voice of Zacherle! I highly recommend this, as well as all the other Zombie A Go-Go Records releases.

Posts: 21
Tiny andrewcolomy replied 1 year ago...

You forgot "Hands of Death (Spookshow 2000 Mix)" from Alice Cooper's boxset.

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