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Posts: 82
New Single: "Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town"
Started by The Professor Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 years ago


The new Rob Zombie single "Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town" is out now. I really enjoy Zombies new sound. It's big time fun to listen to the song. At the same time there are the same old White Zombie geeks who give anything new that's coming shit. It's strange. I think especially the new song has a lightly White Zombie touch combined with a little Black Sabbath vibe. It's a weird mix I really love.


What do you think of "Dead City Radio"?

From Germany, but I have nothing to do with the SS-Werewolfs!
Posts: 73
The Professor GODHEAD replied 2 years ago...


sounds good.has sort of a 70's vibe to it.can't wait to hear the rest.

Posts: 82
The Professor Tyrannosaurus Rex replied 2 years ago...

Why the single still isn't purchasable for Germany via amazon or itunes?

From Germany, but I have nothing to do with the SS-Werewolfs!

Posts: 2090
Dr Satan Draghoul replied 2 years ago...

Just listened to it.

I like. 

The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh ~ Silent Hill

Posts: 342
Chicken Fucker Clevon M Tragedy666 replied 1 year ago...

I dig it, but not so much the chorus lyrically.  Musically, the chorus is catchy as hell, but I wish it had cooler lyrics or that he would have done something different for the chorus.

Posts: 64
The Professor white_zombie replied 1 year ago...

Well, let us see if 3 times' a charm.
Dig the song. Believe he's inching away from his safety net of Alice Cooper's influence. Of course, Rob still occasionally merges with an AC like vocal, but he's heading more toward, "Under my Wheels" and moving away from, "Sincerely."

Now, the companion video, I don't know about. Shouldn't probably say anything as it may start 'some' thing.{#emotions_dlg.eyeroll} 

underneath the body, baby, where what you see is what you see and what you get

Posts: 1402
Captain Spauldin Moon replied 1 year ago...

I liked the video..It looked awesome the way it was shot, and I love black and white.

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