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Missed Rob Zombie on Spike TV – well here’s a link to view it NOW!

Rob Zombie Ink Master

(US/Canada viewers only – sorry, see info below):

Rob Zombie recently appeared on Spike TV’s ‘Ink Masters’ as a guest judge for the “Demons” tattoo heat. If you missed that episode or just want to watch it again, head over the Spike TV now and see it there: spike.com/episodes/3qeq38/ink-master-ink-master-explosion-season-4-ep-408

PLEASE NOTE (Availability Info from Spike TV): Each full episode of “Ink Master” is posted on Spike.com 3 days after its premiere for one full week. Episodes are then posted again 30 days after the original premiere for you to watch indefinitely. Please be aware that selected full episodes and clips are only available for viewing on our site by users located within the United States and Canada. However, full episodes are blocked in Canada for the first seven days after they premiere on Spike TV, after which they will be available on Spike.com following the same timeframe outlined above.


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One Response

  1. Love the venue at the national!!! No matter if in the balcony or on the floor was a great view. Very accommodating for the whole family (me, wife & two sons 8 &15) even at a hard show. Rob Zombie on the other hand had a terrible DJ as opener! No opening band a DJ!!! Real rob, then he only played an hour and twenty min. Sound was not loud enough & we came to hear your music not other peoples. Last zombie show for us but even @4 hours away from the National we’re sold nice job for staff & owners thanks. Still telling my 8 year old that shows are usually better then that. Lame Sunday night show it was !!!

    May 6, 2014 at 2:37 am