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‘Zombie Horror Picture Show’ Live DVD/Blu-Ray out May 19

Rob Zombie Live DVD

Rob Zombie will release his first EVER live DVD/Blu-Ray on May 19th.

The film, entitled “The Zombie Horror Picture Show” was filmed over the course of two dates in Dallas in 2013, and will be released in conjunction with a photobook, containing photos taken by On The Road’s Rob Fenn.


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  1. Set up The Slaughtered Bird after watching Lords Of Salem – auteurs like Rob, Eduardo Sanchez, Ben Wheatley etc etc simply weren’t being recognised for their contributions to our beloved horror genre. Please please hit the site to enjoy with us each aspect of the understated genius of indie horror. Would love to hear from the calibre of Zombie, Sheri Moon, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and the gang. You gave us some of the greatest moments in horror thus far, and we’ve been so loud & verbose in our gratitude. Come & see, you’ll be in good company: theslaughteredbird.com

    March 12, 2014 at 8:51 pm