Thank you to all that came to see the show

Rob Zombie tour thanks

So that’s all folks as a certain Porky Pig would say at the end of a certain series of famous cartoons.  The Twins of Evil tour has come to a close.  The tour gear is being packed, robots are going back to storage, tired and weary souls return to the comforts of their beds.  10 countries were visited with 33 shows played.  Every city welcomed the show with raucous cheer and invigorating energy.  Even when Rob apologized to the Birmingham UK crowd for his croaky voice, the crowd still bayed for Zombie and left the show with smiles from ear to ear.  

Thank you to everyone that came out; to those who flew across countries, travelled for hundreds of miles on the road, came out night after night through snow storms and cold, wind and rain.  To those who came not once nor twice but many many times, to the fans met on meet and greets, or who hung around before and after shows to say hi.

Thank you.  Lets do this again soon!

Photo credit: Maureen Van Mortis

  • StefDaBifda January 14, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Me, My wife and Brother-in-law all spent money we didn’t have to come see the London O2 arena show, between us, we have been going to shows for over 40 years and all 3 of us agreed that Zombie was the best damn live act we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen them all, Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Tool, even the original line up of Black Sabbath. Was totally worth the train only going half way home and not getting home till 4 am just to see it. Just a shame you had to put up with that whiny skinny bitch as a support act.

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