The Lords of Salem to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

Lords of salem tease

Its a date that has been highly anticipated, eagerly awaited – and goddamit, just tell us now!!!!! Rob Zombies latest movie, The Lords of Salem will premiere at the Toronoto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September (3 – 16) at their annual Midnight Madness.

Rob Zombie has revealed two new images from the film as well as one of several ‘tear sheet’ posters. To see poster 


  • AriesSiren September 11, 2012 at 10:23 am

    so far the impressions are love it or hate it which means that i will love it lol. its dark, confusing, depressing, moody and beautiful at the same time from the horror lovers. i love that about his work. its never what you expect and sheri moon said it makes you think. rob said it makes you feel like shit. sign me up!!! H2 and 1000 corpses had that effect and that is what it should be like. thats a true horror film, you should leave confused and hurt, not happy jump scare popcorn fun. good job rob!! the wait is agonizing

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