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From Fuse TV: Rob Zombie recounts some of his most intense tour stories [Watch]

Fuse TV

Fuse TV recently caught up Rob Zombie to chat about his tour stories and what they got back was some eye opening and pretty intense tales.

From Fuse TV:

Rob Zombie, prolific metal musician and filmmaker, has seen a lot of crazy stuff during his 25 years on tour, so we sat down with him to hear about the absolute craziest moments. Like this one: “One time, I think it was in Florida, this guy showed up with a gun and killed his girlfriend outside the show and then killed himself. That was a good one.” Oof.

“Another time I saw a kid jump off a balcony and smash his head wide open on the guardrail. That was pretty gnarly because we actually saw stuff come out [of his head] that should have stayed on the inside … Should I keep going? It’s been an illustrious 25 years of death and destruction.”

Watch the Video:


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One Response

  1. Moon

    Holy shit..The worst I ever saw was when my friends saw Rob and Ozzy in Seattle in 2007..The couple in the seats in front of us left for awhile, and then these two drunk guys stole their seats. Then the couple came back, and the drunk guys got pissed when they were asked to leave, and I thought they were about to get in a fight, but luckily they decided not to.

    June 29, 2012 at 6:59 am