Zombie’s Record Collection: ELTON JOHN’S GREATEST HITS

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From Rob Zombies Record Collection - Elton Johns Greatest Hits“To start things off I figured I would pick the absolute first album I ever bought with my own hard earned cash and by “hard earned cash” I mean it was most likely birthday money or something.

The time was 1974, I was about nine years old and ready to rock. Elton was of course already a world-wide superstar and I was a huge fan from listening to him on FM radio… but now… now it was time to make the move to vinyl! So, playing it safe I picked up the amazing ELTON JOHN’S GREATEST HITS. Back then greatest hits records were always the way I started my journey into an artist work. I figured start with the hits and work your way backwards.

Anyway, it goes without saying that every single song on this record is a modern classic and I don’t have to waste your time telling you about “in my opinion Elton is one of the greatest songwriters of all time, bla, bla, bla”… but if for some strange reason you don’t know anything about Elton John… then go get this record. From “Rocket Man” to ” Bennie And The Jets” to “Levon” it is a killer disc all the way.


  • chuckthefreek August 9, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Elton was .The Beatles’ of my generation. The biggest artist in the world! His songs bring back good thoughts of great times growing up. The man is a musocal genius. His songs resonate with so many people. case in point: Most people know Elton was a very, very good friend of John Lennon. His song, ‘Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)’ was written as a tribute to his fallen friend. I saw Elton perform this song on his ‘Jump Up Tour’ at Pine Knob in Detroit. After his finished this moving song, everyone in the pavillion stood up and lit their lighters and aplauded. Elton just stood there, for minutes, weeping like a baby. That just shows you both his passion for music and how much his music means to the rest of the world.

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