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Tsl87 said…
Whose idea was it to put in the footage of Danielle as a child after her death scene in H2? That whole scene was brilliant! The acting, the score… just a perfect scene. Only horror movie that ever made me tear up.

Well, obviously it was my idea. Since it is my movie. Funny you mention it, that is one of the things the studio fucking hated.

JasonZombie said…
Your most watched or favourite zombie movie of all time? Mine personally is George A.Romero’s Night of The Living Dead 🙂

That is a great film, but I think my fav is DAWN OF THE DEAD. I’ve seen that film at least a couple hundred times.

mario_0821 said…
Hi, Rob. Any chance we will ever hear the song “Little Piggy” off the HOTC soundtrack live? We finnaly got you to play Pussy Liquor, which I was lucky enought to see in Tucson, AZ when you played for 2 hours!

Not anytime soon. Ginger has enough songs to learn I don’t want to kill the guy on his first tour.

thekillerawoke said…
I read somewhere once that you moved to New York when you were 18, but you dropped out of school (or got kicked out)… how did you support yourself ? where exactly in NYC did you leave ? Not sure how much of that is true…but it would be interesting to see an answer.

All true. I got kicked out of college and lived on the Lower East side. This was in 1983 so it wasn’t the swell place it is today. I worked as a bike messenger mostly, then as a PA on Pee Wee’s Playhouse and then finally as a graphic artist for a bunch of porn mags. Then White Zombie signed to Geffen and the band was my job.

LaurieStrode13 said…
Hi Rob. I was wondering, what was your inspiration for the white horse in H2? Thanks.

The inspiration hit one morning while driving to set. I saw a team of white horses running through the mist in a field. It was amazing. By the time I got to set I was looking for a giant white horse to use. Deborah and the white horse in the hallway is one of my favorites images.

Sam Hain said…
How did you enjoy your experience working with Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights? Which of your other movies do you think would make excellent mazes?

The gang at Universal are great. Really true horror fans. Last year’s 1000 Corpses maze was a huge, huge it so I am hoping that maybe one day we can do a LORDS OF SALEM maze.

Tsl87 said…
In the van crash scene in H2 when the coroner repeats “fuck” over and over, was that a middle finger to your critics that say you are too vulgar? I think H2 (directors cut) will become a cult classic one day. Some of the best acting I’ve seen in a horror movie.

No, I don’t was film responding to critics. That was just a choice between me and the actor made at that time. I love it because it is awkward, which is exactly how people act when they are hurt. And to anyone that thinks I am vulgar well, go FUCK YOURSELF YOU COCK SUCKING FUCKING CUNT! Ha.

Chris said…
Mr. Zombie, how much of your films are totally your works? As in are they your finished thoughts and you have other writers edit and fine tune them, or do you sit down with a group of folks with just an idea that you all collaborate on?

I am the only writer involved on any of my films except EL SUPERBEASTO which Tom Papa and I wrote together. Although the comic it was based on was written solely by me.